We've gathered some frequently asked questions about the CommentSold Dropship program and have grouped them below. Whether you're interested in the program or an active participant, you'll find these questions helpful.

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Dropship Catalog

  • I don't see Dropship in my side menu.
    • First, confirm that you've enabled Dropship with our Chat Support team. You can reach out to them by selecting the chat icon in the bottom-right corner of your CommentSold dashboard. If it has been enabled, you might not have permissions to view the catalog. See the below FAQ for instructions.
  • How can I give others on my team access to Dropship?
    1. Select Team in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
    2. Locate the team member from the listing, then select the three-dot icon on the far right of their row.
    3. Select Edit User from the options listed.
    4. Select the checkbox to the left of View the Dropship Catalog in the list of permissions.
    5. Select Update User at the bottom of the page.


  • What is the cost of a Dropship sample?
    • A sample costs 50-70% of the product’s MSRP, depending on the supplier.
  • What is the shipping cost of my sample?
    • Shipping costs vary by supplier but will average between $5-$10 per supplier in your sample order.
  • Can I return a sample?
    • Samples are not eligible for returns.

Selling Dropship Products

  • Do dropship products automatically publish to my website and mobile app? 
    • Once you add a dropship product to your inventory, you will need to publish it to your website, mobile app, and other sale channels.
  • How can I tell which products are dropship products on my Products tab?
    • CommentSold Dropship products will have a green Dropship tag beneath the SKU.

Free Shipping

  • If a customer has dropship products in their cart, will it count toward the "Free Shipping" minimum for my shop?
    • No, dropship products are not factored into free shipping minimums defined by shops.

Free Gift with Purchase

  • If a customer adds a dropship product to their cart, will it count towards the "Free Gift with Purchase" minimum for my shop?
    • Yes, dropship products count towards qualifying for a free gift with purchase if you have such promotions active in your shop.
  • Can I offer a dropship product as the free gift in my "Free Gift with Purchase" promotion?
    • No, dropship products are not eligible for use as the free gift offered in a gift with purchase promotion.

Processing Dropship Payments

  • Why am I seeing the entire amount for a purchased dropship product on my payments page?
    • The payment method a customer uses to purchase a dropship order will impact when CS collects fees and product costs.
    • For Klarna, CS Payments, and Stripe, CS will collect fees and costs from purchased products at the time the customer makes the purchase.
    • For Apple Pay, PayPal, Sezzle, and Square, CS will collect fees and costs nightly. This means that for all orders made on a Monday, fees and costs will be collected that evening and reflected on Tuesday.

Reseller Certificate

  • What is a reseller certificate?
    • A reseller certificate is a signed document that you provide to suppliers that declares your intention to resell the products (i.e., to your customers). It can also allow you to purchase the products tax-free.
  • Why do I need a reseller certificate?
    • For CS Dropship, you will need to provide a copy of your reseller certificate to purchase samples from dropship suppliers.
  • How do I find my reseller certificate?
    • You will need to apply for your reseller certificate via your state tax agency or comptroller. It’s very likely you already have one if you are purchasing inventory from suppliers. If you do not have your reseller certificate on hand, you may need to contact your local tax office for a new copy.

Dropship Refunds

  • How do refunds work with Dropship?
    • When a customer returns a dropship product, CS will refund the shop the product costs less processing and commission fees. If shipping was refundable (typically if the item sold out or never shipped), then CS also refunds shipping costs. 
  • Can I return a sample?
    • Samples are not eligible for returns.


  • Are all Eligible for TikTok CS Dropship products shipped from US-based warehouses?
    • Yes, all items marked as Eligible for TikTok in the CS Dropship catalog ship from US-based warehouses, in accordance with TikTok policy.
  • Do all Eligible for TikTok items ship within the 3-day shipping window required by TikTok?
    • Yes, all items marked as Eligible for TikTok in the CS Dropship catalog will ship within the 3 day shipping window required by TikTok.
  • Why do I have to order a product sample in order to sell a CS Dropship product on TikTok?
    • TikTok’s policy against Unoriginal Content prohibits the use of stock images from suppliers. If you wish to sell CS Dropship products on TikTok, you must purchase a sample and take your own photos. 


  • Can I use the CommentSold Dropshop catalog with my Shopify website?
    • CommentSold Dropship products can only be added to CommentSold inventory. Since the Shopify Inventory Sync only pulls products from Shopify, there is no way for us to push CS Dropship products to Shopify.
    • While these products will not appear on your Shopify website, they’ll be available to shoppers on your mobile app and social networks.


  • What brand does Trendsi offer?
    • Judy Blue, White Birch, Heimish, Risen, HYFVE, POL and so many more of your favorite brands are all available through Trendsi x CS Dropship. 
    • In addition to access to Trendsi brands, discover hundreds of other brands such as Glamnetics, The Outset, Oui The People. Our team is bringing in new brands daily.
  • Will pricing be the same as if I went through Trendi’s website?
    • Yes! There are no changes to pricing.
  • Do I need a Trendsi account to access products?
    • No! Get instant access to Trendsi via CommentSold. If you do have a Trendsi account, we can also link these so you can add custom branding to your Trendsi Dropship packages. Learn how to link your existing Trendsi account with CommentSold here
  • Can I sell Trendsi products on TikTok?
    • Yes! All US Shipped products from Trendsi are eligible for TikTok. 
  • Where can I find Trendsi products?
    • You can browse Trendsi brands and products by selecting the Trendsi drop-down at the top of your Dropshop Collection page.
  • How long does it take for Trendsi products to reach customers?
    • Shipping times for Trendsi orders will depend on which warehouse products ship from. 
    • Shipping can take 2-5 days (for US) and 5-7 days (for international).
  • How are Trendsi returns processed?
    • Qualifying items can be returned within 7 days of delivery. The return will be processed the same as other dropship returns: When a customer contacts you, you contact our Chat Support Team. Our team will work with Trendis to coordinate the return. Learn more about Trendi’s return policy and process here.
    • At this time, exchanges of Trendi products are not available. Customers can only return the product and purchase a new one (i.e., purchase a different size or color).

Shopify & Trensdi

  • What if I am already a Shopify x Trendsi customer? What's the benefit of switching?

    • Through our partnership with Trendsi, you can browse, order Trendsi items, and add directly to your CS inventory without switching between platforms. You can then feature those products on your live sales, mobile app, and social posts. When customers purchase products, you’ll be able to view the order status and manage the order all within one platform.
    • Additionally, Trendsi will offer products that will be offered exclusively to CommentSold sellers in the future.


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