With CommentChat, you can automate responses to comments on your Instagram posts and Reels. 

How does it work? You select up to three keywords customers can comment in the post comments section.

Those keywords will trigger an automatic public reply to the customer comment and will send the customer a DM with a link.

You customize the public replies and DM and you choose the product link sent to the customer.

CommentChat Mobile Experience for Instagram

CommentChat Mobile Experience for Facebook


  Have you enabled CommentChat? Before you can create CommentChat flows, you'll need to make sure you have the feature enabled. Learn more here.

Step 1: Create a New CommentChat Flow

Option 1: For Instagram Option 2: For Facebook

  1. Hover over the side menu in your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate and select CommentChat.
  3. Select Create Chat Flow in the top-right corner of the page.

Step 2: Select Social Account and Post Type

Option 1: For Instagram Option 2: For Facebook

  1. Enter a name for your CommentChat flow in the Flow Name field. This name helps you differentiate this flow from others in your list of flows.
  2. In the Connect Your Account section, use the drop-down to select which Instagram this CommentChat is for. 
  3. Next, choose the type of post to link the CommentChat to:
    • The next post created on this account. This option will link the CommentChat flow to the next post or Reel posted to the selected account. It will not link to the next post if the post is a live sale. You must create the next post within 48 hours or the CommentChat flow will be deactivated.
    • An existing post. This option will launch a selection panel that will allow you to choose which existing post or Reel to link to CommentChat flow to.

Step 3: Create Public Reply Responses

Option 1: For Instagram Option 2: For Facebook

  1. Enter your Comment Trigger Words in the field provided.
    • You can pick up to three trigger keywords. Separate keywords with a comma.
    • We encourage you to use different words with each post to create a new and exciting commenting and shopping experience.
  2. Enter at least three Public Comment Responses in the fields provided. 
    • Create responses that read conversational and have a personal feel to it
    • CommentChat will choose from these options at random when replying to a comment containing a keyword.
  3. To add an additional response, select Add Response. You can customize up to 5 responses.

Step 4: Set Message Destination

Option 1: For Instagram Option 2: For Facebook

  1. In the Select a Product field, search for the product you wish to link to in your DM. You can search by brand name, product name, or SKU.
  2. Once you locate the product, select the product tile. You’ll see a Selected frame around the tile.
  Can I only link to a product? At this time, you’re only able to link a product in DMs. Selecting the link will take the shopper to your website. Soon we will have additional destination options, including the ability to direct followers to a specific URL.

Step 5: Customize DM Response

Option 1: For Instagram Option 2: For Facebook

Your DM Response is the message a follower will receive via their DMs when they comment the keyword on your post or Reel.

As you customize your response, your changes will update the preview to the right of the fields. 

  1. Enter the text for your DM message in the Message Text field.
  2. Enter what you’d like to appear as your button text. This is your “call to action” and the link button a follower will tap to be redirected to the product page
  3. Select Save Chat Flow to save your chat flow.
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