Welcome to the official best practices guide for using CommentChat. With CommentChat, you can unlock explosive growth on Instagram by turning your followers into customers by automating responses to your Instagram posts and Reels. 

What is CommentChat?

CommentChat automates public responses to comments on your Instagram posts and Reels (Facebook coming soon!) and sends private DMs that link customers to the relevant product or website featured in the post. 

  • Drive more sales and conversions. No more worrying about missing comments or losing out on potential conversion opportunities. CommentChat ensures no comment is missed. 
  • Saves you time! Now you don’t have to live in your Instagram comments responding to each customer’s comment. You also don’t have to manually DM each of them with a link to the product. CommentChat does this for you.
  • Control the interaction with customizations. With custom keywords, public responses, and DMs, you can maintain your authentic voice and branding in all your customer interactions. 

Best Practices for CommentChat

CommentChat is a very powerful tool that can drive incredible value for your business when you follow these best practices: 

Choose the Right Trigger Words

  • Move away from using a single, very commercial word like “Sold” in all your social comment interactions. Repetition of the same keyword can lead to a shadow ban by Meta, as their AI may pick this up as “bot behavior.” 
  • Use keywords that are natural for users in comments, like a color “Green,” “Black,” or an item of clothing like “Jeans” or “Dress.” 
  • Create a list of different keywords 5-10 words that you use on your posts/Reels to make sure your comments are free from Instagram moderation.

Create Authentic Public Comment Responses

Every time an Instagram user comments using one of your keywords, that comment is responded to publicly. This makes the user feel special and adds to the comment count of your post/Reel, which helps with your reach in the Instagram algorithm. This is why it is so important that you create public comment responses that look natural and have a personal feel.

  • Good comment response examples:
    • Charming: "Thrilled you love it! 😍 Check your DM for a little surprise!"
    • Engaging: "We adore your style! 🌟 Peek at your DM for details!"
    • Grateful: "Thanks a ton! 🎉 More info awaits in your DM!"
  • Bad comment response examples: 
    • Check your DM for a link to buy!
    • Sent you a link in DM
    • Check your DM for the purchase link!

Highlight the Trigger Word on Your Post or Reel

To make sure your viewers know exactly what action you need them to take, be sure to add your trigger keyword on your post or Reel as an overlay! 

CCExample1.jpg   CCExample2.jpg


By following these best practices, CommentChat can open a direct line to your customers through personalized, visually appealing DMs that include product images, descriptions, and irresistible links that guide them straight to your online storefronts, increasing your conversion rates and turning even casual viewers into shoppers. 

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