Have you been experiencing challenging ad performance on Meta? 

If you’ve noticed a recent decline in your Meta ad performance, you’re not alone. Changes and updates from Meta this year have impacted businesses in the industry, including Shopify sites, making this one of the most challenging ad environments in recent memory. For example, we have seen examples of retailers across multiple platforms see 20% declines in new customer acquisition.

Now is the time to take action and do something differently. 

CommentSold’s newest feature CommentChat offers a dynamic solution to revamp your social media strategy and boost traffic effortlessly.

CommentChat transforms every social interaction into a potential sale, turning followers into loyal customers. 

What is CommentChat? 

CommentChat is a powerful tool for Instagram (coming soon to Facebook) that automates your social media interactions, turning engagement into web traffic and conversions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Automated responses: Set up automated public replies on Instagram posts and reels directing commenters to their inbox where a private direct message with a link to purchase the item is waiting. 
  • Personalized interactions: Customize direct messaging responses and trigger words for tailored communication.
  • 24/7 engagement: Engage with your followers around the clock and never miss a comment.







Why Use CommentChat? 

  1. Turn Social Media Followers into Customers: Convert social media interactions into valuable webstore traffic without relying solely on paid ads.
  2. Get direct conversions from social media: Guide customers directly to your products with personalized, timely responses.
  3. Save Time: Get hours back in your day by automating responses while keeping engagement at an all-time high. Just set it & forget it. 
  4. Boost Virality: Enhanced engagement increases post views and virality. 

Best Practices and Resources

To get the most out of CommentChat, explore our resources and best practices guide. Stay updated on the latest features and enhancements designed to boost your engagement and sales: 

Help Articles and Walkthrough Videos

CS Academy Self-Guided Course

By incorporating CommentChat into your strategy, you can effectively navigate the challenges posed by Meta’s recent changes and continue to thrive in an evolving social commerce environment. 

Questions? Please reach out to Customer Support or your Customer Growth Specialist.

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