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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to set shipping costs.
  • How to enable international shipping.
  • How to configure free shipping settings.
  • How to customize packing slip appearance.

About Shipping with CommentSold

CommentSold partners with USPS to offer a built-in shipping solution that allows shops to streamline their shipping and fulfillment workflow.

Shipping settings allow shops to fully customize their shipping operation. This includes setting shipping costs, enabling international shipping, creating free shipping offers, and designing how packing slips print and appear.

   Note: If you are shipping outside of the U.S. or would like to use a shipping service other than USPS, you will need to use a third-party shipping solution.

How Shipping with CommentSold Benefits Your Shop

  • Set your flat-rate shipping cost, or choose to set the shipping price based on the product.
  • Choose whether to offer international shipping to Canadian shoppers or global shoppers.
  • Offer different free shipping options to your shoppers, each of which encourages quick or continuous purchases to qualify.
  • Customize what information appears on order packing slips.

Enable CommentSold Shipping 

You can enable CommentSold Shipping on the Shipping tab of your Setup page.

  1. Select Setup in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Shipping from the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Locate Use CommentSold Shipping and select the Enabled/Disabled toggle so it appears Enabled.

Set Up Shipping Costs

Expand to view a description of all Shipping Cost settings.
  • Shipping Cost. Enter the flat-rate shipping amount for an order.
  • International Shipping Cost (optional). If you plan to ship to Canada or offer international shipping via USPS, enter the flat-rate shipping cost for international orders.
    • You will need to enable the Offer Shipping to Canada and Offer International Shipping toggles farther down the page.
  • Variable Shipping Cost (optional). Enter an additional cost for each item added to an order. Your base shipping cost will apply to the first item.
    • For example, if your shipping cost is $5 and your variable shipping cost is $1, then an order with three items would cost $7 (Item 1: $5 + Item 2: $1 + Item 3: $1$7).
  • Max Shipping Cost. Enter the max amount to charge a customer for shipping, regardless of the number of items they order.
    • If you enabled Variable Shipping Cost, consider setting a max shipping cost to ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Include international orders in max shipping cost. Enable this setting to apply the max shipping cost to international orders.
  • Free Shipping Minimum. If you wish to offer free shipping once a shopper reaches a certain spent amount, enter that amount here.
  • Include international orders in free shipping minimum. Enable this setting to apply the free shipping minimum to international orders.

Enable International Shipping

Expand to view a description of all International Shipping settings.
  • Offer Shipping to Canada. Enable to offer Canadian shoppers the option to select Canada as their shipping destination.
  • Offer International Shipping. Enable to offer shoppers the option to select any country as their shipping destination. You must also enable Offer Shipping to Canada for this offer to apply.

Set Up a Free Shipping Window

A free shipping window allows customers to unlock free shipping for subsequent orders placed within that window of time that meet the required criteria. Each qualifying purchase made within the window extends the window.

For example, if your shop has a 24-hour free shipping window, then a shopper who places a qualifying order would receive free shipping on orders placed within those 24 hours. If at hour 20, they place a qualifying order, then the free shipping window would extend for another 24 hours from that second order.  

If a shopper breaks the cycle (i.e., they do not place a subsequent order in the 24-hour window), then the shopper will need to make a new purchase that meets the criteria to restart the window.

Select Enable Free Shipping Window to enable and configure this setting.

Expand to view a description of all Free Shipping Window settings.
  • Free Shipping Window Timing. Select and define the window in which a shopper must place their subsequent order(s) to receive free shipping. 
    • Hours Since Last Purchase. Select this option to create a window based on the hours since the shopper's last purchase. Enter the amount in the Hours field and select Update.
      • For example, if 48 hours, a shopper would need to place their next order within 48 hours to extend the free shipping window for another 48 hours. 
    • Daily Window. Select this option to create a free shipping window that resets at a specific time each day. Enter the time in the fields provided and select Update.
    • Weekly Window. Select this option to create a free shipping window that resets on a specific day and time each week. Enter the day and time in the fields provided and select Update.
  • Free Shipping Window Minimum. Enter the minimum purchase amount a shopper must meet to enter a free shipping window. The shopper must meet this minimum purchase amount with subsequent orders to keep extending the free shipping window.
  • Free Shipping Window Description. Enter a banner message that will appear at the top of a shopper's account page. It's a great opportunity to promote your free shipping window offer.
  • Include international orders in Free Shipping Window. Enable this setting to allow qualifying international orders to trigger a free shipping window.
  • Exclude preauthorized waitlist orders from Free Shipping Window. Enable this setting if you wish for qualifying preauthorized waitlist orders to trigger a free shipping window.

   Disabling Free Shipping Window? Shoppers in a free shipping window at the time of disabling will still be able to finish out their window. Disabling this setting only applies to new orders placed from that point forward.

Set Up Timed Free Shipping

Timed free shipping offers free shipping to customers who pay within a certain number of hours after adding an item to their cart. 

Select the Timed Free Shipping toggle to enable and configure this setting.

Expand to view a description of all Timed Free Shipping settings.
  • Number of Hours. Enter the number of hours a shopper has after adding an item to check out with free shipping.
  • Include international orders in Timed Free Shipping. Enable this setting to include international orders in Timed Free Shipping.
  • Enable Cart Minimum for Timed Free Shipping. Enable this toggle to enter a minimum spend requirement for Timed Free Shipping. 
    • Cart Minimum. If enabled, enter the minimum spend amount required to qualify for a Timed Free Shipping offer.

Other Free Shipping Settings

Expand to view a description of other Free Shipping settings.
  • Free Shipping for Preauthorized Waitlist Items. Enable this setting to offer free shipping on preauthorized waitlist items. This is a great incentive to encourage shoppers to preauthorize their waitlist.
  • Clear Free Shipping for Users. Select the Clear Free Shipping button to disable free shipping offers for any users who currently have it enabled. This setting will display the current number of registered shoppers with active free shipping offers. 

Enable Packing Slip Settings

Expand to view a description of all Packing Slip settings
  • Combine Orders. Group orders with matching customer and address information into a single packing slip and shipping label (when bulk purchasing shipping labels). Orders for local pickup will not have a combined barcode. When bulk printing packing slips (and not shipping labels), orders will not have a combined barcode.
    • Max Item to Combine Per Order. Enter the maximum number of items to allow in combined orders. This is useful if the packaging only allows for a certain number of items.
  • Include internal notes on packing slips. Enable this setting to include any internal notes your team has made on the order.
  • Show brand style name on packing slips. Enable this setting to include each item's brand style number (i.e., PRODUCT #).
  • Show item price on packing slips. Enable to display each item's price on the packing slip.
  • Show time printed on packing slips. Enable to include the date and time a member of your team printed the packing slip.
  • Show time purchased on packing slips. Enable to include the date and time the customer paid for the order.
  • Show error when items have no weights. Enable to have CommentSold warn you when items included in the order do not have weight information on the product record.
  • Show marker for large orders. Enter the starting amount for high-value orders (i.e., orders starting at $100 are considered high value). CommentSold will print a large X at the top of the packing slip of orders over this amount, allowing your team to quickly identify those high-value orders.
  • Show logo on packing slips. Enable to include your webstore logo on the packing slip.
  • Bulk Print Packing Slips. Enable if you wish to print packing slips in bulk without purchasing shipping labels.
  • Sort by customer name when using Bulk Print setting. If you enable Bulk Printing Packing Slips, then enabling this setting will automatically order packing slips by customer name rather than order date (the default setting).
  • Split orders for inventory not received. Enable to automatically split orders if there are inventory items you have not received yet.
  • Show customer address on shipped slips. Enable to include the customer's address on the packing slip.
  • Show customer address on local pickup slips. Enable to include the customer's address on the packing slip for orders marked for local pickup.

Miscellaneous Shipping Settings

Expand to view a description of the remaining shipping settings.
  • Delivery Method: Local Pickup. Enable to offer local pickup for orders. Learn how to configure local pickup and offer pickup at multiple locations here.
  • Max Labels to Print at One Time. Enter the maximum number of shipping labels to print at one time. If you leave the option as the default 0, then CommentSold will queue unlimited labels to print.
  • Custom shipping price/product. Enable to enter custom shipping prices for each item. You can enter the custom shipping price on the Edit Product tab of the product record.
    • Note: Custom shipping price overrides the flat-rate Shipping Cost, International Shipping Cost, and Variable Shipping Cost (if enabled) defined at the top of the Shipping page.
  • Fulfill All Printed Orders. If enabled, a Fulfill All button will appear in the top-right corner of your Orders page allowing you to mark all printed orders as fulfilled.
  • Automate USPS Status Checking. If enabled, CommentSold will automatically check unfulfilled orders with USPS each night and mark any package with an update as fulfilled. This is designed to catch any orders that should've been marked as fulfilled before leaving your shop.
  • Shipping Manifests. If enabled, a Shipping Manifest button will appear in the top-right corner of your Orders page allowing you to create and manage manifests. Learn more about creating a shipping manifest here
    • Generate Daily Manifest, After HoursIf enabled, CommentSold will automatically generate a shipping manifest each night at 10PM CST. Manifests will include any labels that you created that day that were not already included in a manifest.

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