A "Shop the Look" video post allows your shop to feature up to 10 items in a single video, creating an easier, more engaging shopping experience for your shoppers.

With Shop the Look, shoppers can cart multiple items shown from within a single Shop the Look video post by commenting or selecting the products they want. Shop the Look videos differ from Fit videos because they feature multiple items whereas a Fit video only features a single item. 

How Shop the Look Video Posts Benefit Your Shop

  • Bundle items that pair well together for easy purchasing of multiple items (e.g. a complete outfit look with accessories, a craft project with all the necessary supplies, or a styled room with decor).
  • Feature older inventory items with newer products to show how different items work together and move those older items.
  • Encourage impulse purchases with trending items (i.e. Our 10 Best-Selling Gifts, This Season's 10 Hot Stocking Stuffers, 10 Items Every Boho-Chic Room Needs).

Step 1: Enable Shop the Look Settings

Before you can create a Shop the Look video post, you'll need to enable specific autolinking and mobile settings in CommentSold.

Autolink Settings Mobile Settings

You can enable autolink settings to automate linking products in posts that contain a SKU to corresponding products in CommentSold. This can save your team time if you create multiple posts a day. You always have the option to manually link posts.

  1. Select Social Setup in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Enable the following settings:
    • Autolink to Post. This connects any post on your Facebook page containing a SKU (i.e., SKU #A1234) with the corresponding product in CommentSold.
    • Post to App on Autolink. This ensures auto-linked Facebook posts are automatically posted to your mobile app.
    • Autolink Posts to Product Selections. This connects any post on your Facebook page containing a tagged product selection (i.e., #ShopTheLook1234) with the corresponding product selection in CommentSold.

Step 2: Create a Product Selection

You can group the items you wish to feature in your Shop the Look video post in a new product selection. You can include two to 10 items in each look.

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate the items you wish to feature in your Shop the Look video and select the checkbox to the left of each product.
  3. At the top of the product listing, select the green Selected drop-down.
  4. Select Create a Product Selection.
    • Product Selection Name. Give your product selection a name. Names should be unique to the selection and not include spaces, special characters, or product SKUs (e.g. ShopTheLookJan1, StockingStuffers).
  5. Select Save Product Selection.
  6. If prompted to link the selection to a post, select Cancel.
  7. You can view items in your newly created product selection by expanding the selection.
  Why is one product highlighted green? This item is considered the selection's “featured” product as it was the first item you selected when creating the product selection. Featured item comments do not require an identifier to claim. Shoppers commenting “SOLD” with variant information will cart the featured product. 

Step 3: Create a Shop the Look Post for Facebook

  1. On your Facebook page, create a post by selecting Photo/Video.
  2. Write your post in the body of the popup.
    • Ensure you include a post description in addition to the product selection name. For example, Ready for wedding season? We've got the perfect guest look for you!
    • Make sure to list the Product Identifiers for each item included in your product selection so shoppers know how they can claim specific items.
    • Copy the Product Selection Name from CommentSold and paste it into your post. Make sure to include a # in front of the name (i.e., #ShopTheLookJan1, #StockingStuffers). This allows the post to flow through to your app.
  3. Select Add Photos/Videos to add your video to the post.
    • Note: A video is required for a Shop the Look post. You can add images but will need to upload your video first in order for the post to appear and link correctly.
  4. Select Post to publish your post now, or the calendar icon to schedule your post for a future date and time.

If you have enabled the above autolink settings, then your Shop the Look post will automatically post to your mobile app. If you have not enabled autolink, you will need to manually link and post to your app.

  Note: You must post your Shop the Look video to Facebook and include your #ProductSelectionName in order for the Shop the Look post to appear in your mobile app.

Remove a Shop the Look Post

If you no longer wish to feature a Shop the Look video post on Facebook and/or your app, you can easily remove these postings.

Remove from Facebook Remove from Mobile App

Deleting a post from Facebook also removes the product selection posting history on the Posts tab of CommentSold. Removing the post via CommentSold will create an empty post on your Facebook, so we recommend that you delete the post from Facebook.

  1. Locate your Shop the Look post on your Facebook page.
  2. Select the three dots in the upper right corner of the post and select Delete Post.
  3. Confirm your action by selecting Delete. Deleting a post removes the post from Facebook along with post comments.

What Your Shopper Experiences

When a shopper taps a Shop the Look post in your mobile app, they'll see the video and products shown in the video across the bottom of the screen.

Tapping on a product bubble while the video plays will allow your shopper to see each featured product, view their product descriptions, select sizes/colors, and add to their cart. Shoppers can also check out directly from the video when ready to purchase.

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