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Feature multiple products with a single video with Shop the Look!


Have multiple products that pair nicely together? The Shop the Look feature allows you to showcase them in a single video so customers can purchase one item or several! These videos can be featured in your mobile app or posted to Facebook.


This Article Covers:


Shop the Look Settings


To configure your Shop the Look settings, visit your Mobile App tab in your CommentSold dashboard and go to your Settings.

The first setting you will see related to Shop the Look is Autoplay Shop The Look Videos. This is enabled by default. When enabled, Shop the Look videos will autoplay when a shopper taps into a Shop the Look post in your mobile app. The shopper will be able to stop the video at any time. When disabled, shoppers will need to click a play button to watch a Shop the Look video. If you toggle this setting on and off, the change will be reflected when the mobile app is reopened.




Next, you will need to select a Default Title. The Default Title is the name that will be assigned to all Shop the Look posts within your mobile app. This title will also show up in the navigation menu of your app if you enable Add to Top Menu on App. With this setting enabled, the Shop the Look navigation item (with whatever Default Title you chose) will contain all your Shop the Look posts. You will need at least one Shop the Look post for this to appear in your navigation menu when this setting is enabled.




Creating Shop the Look Posts


To create a Shop the Look post, create a Product Selection in the Products tab of your CommentSold dashboard. Then link this Product Selection to a Facebook video post with manual or autolinking. To use autolinking, be sure Auto link Posts to Product Selections is enabled in your Facebook Setup tab.




For Shop the Look to generate:

  • The Product Selection must have 10 items or fewer.
  • The Product Selection must be linked to a video post in Facebook.
  • You must use a unique name for each Product Selection.
  • Your Facebook post must have a description (not just a SKU).

The name of your Product Selection will appear as the name of the Shop the Look post in your mobile app.


Note: Videos saved within CommentSold cannot be posted to the app for Shop the Look posts.


To feature one item from within a Shop the Look post, click that item in the Product Selection. You will see a green highlight around that product indicating that it is the featured item. Click Save Product Selection to confirm. A shopper will not need to comment an identifier (SKU) for this featured item when purchasing on Facebook; they can simply comment "sold" with the variant information. They will still need to comment with the identifier to purchase a non-featured product from the Shop the Look post.


The Customer's Point of View


When the shopper first clicks on a Shop the Look post in the mobile app, they will see the video and the products shown in the video across the bottom.


Tapping on a product bubble while the video is playing will allow your shopper to see each featured product, view their product descriptions, select sizes/colors, and add to cart. Shoppers can also checkout directly from the video when they are ready to make a purchase.


The product bubbles can be swiped to see more products in the Shop the Look post. It will be easy for your customer to see which product they are looking at, because the bubble will be outlined in your accent color with an arrow pointing to the product description below it.




Shoppers will also be able to easily distinguish between a Shop the Look post and a product with a fit video on the mobile app feed. While the product with a fit video has a play button overlay, a Shop the Look post has a play button as well as a preview of some of the items in the video. The default title will also appear here to remind customers to "Shop the Look".



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