Creating Retail Price Changes

The Retail Price Changes feature is an easy way to change the price of all products in one or multiple collections without having to edit the price of each product or variant individually. This is a great tool to support seasonal sales or price increases around the holidays. 

Note: This feature is not supported for shops using Shopify.

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Creating a Retail Price Change

To create a Retail Price Change, follow the steps below.

1. Visit the Products tab and select the “Price Adjustments” option.


2. From here, there will be two tabs visible in the dashboard- “Scheduled Sales” and “Retail Price Changes”. Select the Retail Price Changes section tab.


3. Click the blue Create Retail Price Change button at the top right of the screen.


4. Name your Retail Price Change (ex. Spring Collection Markdowns, Holiday Price Adjustments, etc). 


5. Next, you'll select the Action in the Retail Price Change section. The Action is what determines how the product price will be affected.


The options include: 

  • Increase by Percentage- Increases the price of all items by a specified percentage.
  • Decrease by Percentage- Decreases the price of all items by a specified percentage.
  • Increase by Amount- Increases the price of all items by a specified dollar amount.
  • Decrease by Amount- Decreases the price of all items by a specified dollar amount.
  • Set Specific Amount- Sets the price of all items to the same specified dollar amount. 
  • Set Margin Percentage- Sets the price of all items to automatically yield the same specified margin percentage.

6. Then, set the Value field to reflect the numerical value for the chosen action. For example, this number could be 50 for a 50% Increase/Decrease by Percentage, or 10 for a $10 Increase/Decrease by Amount. 

7. After entering the value for the chosen action, you'll need to select the Rounding Rule for your price change. The options here include: 

  • Do Not Round
  • Up to Nearest Dollar
  • Down to Nearest Dollar
  • .99
  • .95
  • .50


8. Next, select all of the collections to include in the Retail Price Change. Click the blue Add Collection button to the right side of the Selected Collections section.


From here, you can search for the collections you want to include and add them by clicking the blue Add+ button next to the Collection title. 


If you accidentally add the wrong collection, you can always remove it by clicking the red trash can icon next to the Collection title in the Selected Collections section.


Note: For more information on creating collections, check out the Managing Collections article in our Help Center. 


9. When you have successfully added all of the collections for the Retail Price Change, click the green Create Retail Price Change button at the bottom right of the screen. 


10. Upon clicking the green button, you will see a green notification in the dashboard that the Price Change was successfully created. Depending on the size of the collections added, you might also see a blue notification that your Retail Price Change is processing. 


Managing Your Retail Price Change

All created Retail Price Changes can be viewed on the Products tab. To see the full list of Retail Price Changes, navigate to the "Price Adjustments" section and click on the Retail Price Change section tab. 


Under the Retail Price Changes menu, you can see the name, items affected, creation details, and price change details of each Retail Price Change. 


Note: You can only have one active Price Change per product variant. 

If you create a new Retail Price Change that includes product variants that are currently included in another active Retail Price Change, the new Price Change will automatically override the past one. To revert back to the previous Price Change, you can click the three dot menu next to the current Price Change and click Revert.




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