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  This just in! We have extended 0% credit card fees on CommentSold POS transactions through the end of 2024! Happy Selling!

Ready to start processing orders on your CommentSold POS? Let's walk through it!

CommentSold’s POS (Point of Sale) is a must-have for simplifying the purchase and fulfillment process. When you process an order through your POS, it appears in your CommentSold dashboard as an order fulfilled via local pickup. Inventory automatically updates as it would with purchases made through your mobile app and a shopper’s account page.

  Need to set up CommentSold POS? We can help! Check out our Set Up Your CommentSold POS article to learn about the tech you'll need and the steps to get going!

Create a New Order

When a customer is ready to check out with your business, you can ring them up from the Home page.

  1. Scan the product(s) using your barcode scanner or tap Add Product to search for the product(s) in your product listing.
    • If manually selecting a product, select the correct Color and/or Size to ensure inventory accuracy.
    • Use the - / + icons to enter the correct Cart Quantity. You can also tap this field and use the iPad keyboard to enter the quantity.
    • Tap Add to Cart.
  2. Once you add a product, you can apply a discount. Tap Add Discount.
    • On the following screen, locate and tap the discount you wish to apply. 
    • Note: CommentSold still verifies coupon criteria (e.g., minimum spend requirement, collection exclusions, etc.) to the current order.
  3. If you have a discount applied, you can remove the discount by tapping Retract Discount.
  4. Tap Add Customer to tie the new order to an existing customer account. This ensures the customer earns loyalty credit and makes it easier for your shop to process returns or re-send order receipts.
    • Locate and tap the customer record.
    • Tap Assign to Cart in the top-right corner.
  5. If the shopper is a new customer, tap Add Customer then Add New Customer at the top of the screen. 
    • You only need to enter the first and last name and the customer’s email address to save the new account.
  6. Tap Order Note to add an internal note (e.g., Customer will pick up order in store tomorrow 8/24) for your team. 
  7. If you need to clear a shopper’s cart at any time, tap Clear Cart at the bottom of the order screen.
  Note: If a shopper has an existing cart in either your webstore or mobile app, those details will not pull over when you assign the in-person purchase to the customer’s record on the POS.

Process Payment

  1. Tap Pay in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the expand icon to the right of the Cart heading to create a full-screen order summary the shopper can review and confirm.
  3. Tap your Payment Method.
Cash Credit Card Apple Pay Account Credit

CommentSold suggests rounded-up amounts a shopper might hand you in cash. Tap any option or the Other Amount field to enter the amount given. Tap Pay to apply cash as payment. CommentSold will calculate and display any necessary change.

  Note: Sales tax calculates based on your tax settings in CommentSold. If you use Avalara, sales tax is calculated via Avalara. At this time, CommentSold uses the business address zip code for your business to determine your tax rate.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

  • Do gift cards work with POS? At this time, shops cannot issue gift cards via POS. Similarly, customers are unable to use a gift card from your shop as their payment method. Shoppers can, however, convert their gift card into account credit. They can then use that account credit as their payment option.
  • Can a shopper use a pre-paid card (i.e., a $50 VISA gift card)? Shoppers can use a pre-paid card if the amount on the card amount will cover the entire purchase. Otherwise, they will need to use another payment method.
  • Can POS process split payments (e.g., half-cash, half-credit card)? Not at this time. The exception here is shoppers who apply their account credit to their purchase and need to pay the remaining balance via cash, credit card, or Apple Pay.
  • Is there a way to suspend an order if a customer needs to run to their car for their wallet? Not at this time. If a shopper needs to come back later, you’ll need to re-enter their products at that time.
  • Can we process returns on the POS? Not at this time. You can still process in-person but would need to pull up your CommentSold account on either a desktop or mobile device (e.g., Safari on your POS iPad).
  • Is there any kind of reporting summary on the POS? We have some really great reporting in the works, but at this time shops will need to view POS reporting in their CommentSold account.

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