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  • How shoppers can apply a gift card to a purchase.

About Gift Cards

A gift card is a pre-paid form of payment that an individual can use when making a purchase at a specific retail store, restaurant, or vendor. For shops, gift cards are a great way to encourage loyal customers to treat friends and family to products the shop offers.

If your shop sells gift cards, then gift card recipients can apply their gift card toward a purchase they make in your shop. The amount of the gift card may cover the entire cost of the order or a portion of the order. If a balance remains, then the customer can choose an additional payment method to complete their purchase.

How Gift Cards Benefit Your Shoppers

  • New-to-you shoppers can browse your products and collections and treat themselves to something special.
  • Gift cards can encourage large purchases since a portion of the purchase is pre-paid.
  • Shoppers can convert a gift card balance into account credit to use along with existing account credit.

Apply a Gift Card

Gift card recipients can apply a gift card in two ways: by applying it at checkout or by converting it to account credit.

Redeem at Checkout Convert to Account Credit

  1. Recipients will receive their gift card at the email specified by the gifter. They can view their gift card by selecting the View your gift card link.
  2. The gift card details page will display the Amount of the gift card as well as the Gift Card Code the recipient will need to enter at checkout to redeem the gift card.
  3. The recipient can select Start Shopping to jump straight to your store.
  4. Once the recipient is ready to check out, they can select Add Code at the top of the cart Summary to enter their gift card code.
  5. The recipient can copy and paste or manually enter the gift card code in the Coupon or Gift Card field, then select Apply.
  6. CommentSold will display a message in the bottom-left corner of the page that lets the recipient know whether the gift card was applied successfully.
  7. When the recipient proceeds to the payment screen, they will see their gift card amount applied toward their total. If there is a remaining balance, they can choose an additional payment method to complete the checkout process.
  Want to apply a coupon code? Unfortunately, gift card recipients can't apply both a gift card and a coupon code to the same order. In this case, the recipient would want to convert their gift card to account credit, then apply the coupon. Check out the next tab for details on how they can do this.

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