Run ads and promotions to hidden pages only accessible to those with the link! Offer sneak peeks at upcoming collections, treat your VIPS, or welcome back past shoppers.

Unlisted pages do not appear in a website's navigation menu and are only accessible via a link to the page-specific URL. This "hidden" existence makes unlisted pages perfect for special promotions and offers meant for specific shoppers. 

For example, you could create an email retargeting campaign and include a link to an unlisted page where shoppers can view their discount code and browse new collections.

How You Can Use Unlisted Pages

Creativity is key with unlisted pages. There are an endless number of ways to these pages, but here are some examples:

  • Selective Promotions. Feature collections that are currently discounted (or provide a promo code), then link the page in a VIP newsletter, Instagram Reel, or and/or Facebook post to treat a specific part of your customer base (i.e., We love our VIPs! Treat yourself today with discounts on our fave collections!)
  • Retargeting Campaigns. Build an unlisted page as part of a retargeting campaign (i.e., using an email to target those customers who haven’t made a purchase in X days). Feature new collections and product offerings you’ve launched in the time they’ve been away and include a special promo code meant just for them!
  • Ad Campaigns. Running ads in Google and/or Meta? Link to an unlisted page that features the products and/or collections featured in the ad.
  • Test Offers. Want to test out a new or creative promotion before letting it go site-wide? Use an unlisted page to gauge interest and engagement before you open it to the masses.
  • Early Access. Got a hot summer preview, or a BFCM sneak peek? Use an unlisted page to showcase all the products and/or collections that will be part of the sale to create hype around the promotion.
  • Giveaways. Running a special giveaway or contest on your social accounts? Embed a contest form from form-creators like Klaviyo and direct users to that unlisted page to register their chance to win!

Locate an Unlisted Page URL

You enter the page URL when you first create the page. You can also view the specific URL any time you're viewing or editing the page in Site Creator using the page breadcrumb located at the top of the page.

Enter the Page URL View the URL Breadcrumb
Unlisted_EnterURL.png Unlisted_Breadcrumb.png

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

  • How do I know my page is unlisted?
    • Currently, a page is unlisted if it is published and not part of your menu navigation. Since you build out your navigation menu manually, you would need to add the page to make it listed. Simply refrain from adding it and you’re good to go!


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