Note: Due to Shopify deprecating its Orders API for CommentSold on June 14th, if you are using the Ave Shops integration in Shopify, you’ll need to have your inventory imported to CommentSold through our partnership with Ave Shops instead.

In partnership with Ave Shops, we’ve identified an effective way to add your Ave Shops Shopify products to your CommentSold dropship inventory in bulk. 

This is a seamless integration that will sync your products to CommentSold behind the scenes–all you have to do it provide Ave Shops with your CommentSold Shop ID.

How Does the Integration Work?

  1. You’ll enter your CommentSold Shop ID in your Ave Shop account.
  2. Ave Shops will send a list of your added products to CommentSold.
  3. We’ll add the products into your CommentSold active dropship inventory.
  4. Once complete, we’ll send you an email confirmation. 

Step 1: Set Up CS Payments

CS Payments is required to participate in CommentSold’s Dropship program. In order to migrate your Ave Shop products to CommentSold and sell them on your website and mobile app, you’ll need to be live with CS Payments.

You can learn how to enroll in CS Payments here. We recommend initiating this process as soon as possible as it can take 2-3 business days for your account to be set up. 

Step 2: Add Your CS Shop ID to Ave Shops

You’ll need to enter your CS Shop ID in Ave Shops so the two platforms can connect. You can locate your CS Shop ID in the top-right corner of your Dropship Settings page.

  1. Log in to your Ave Shops account.
  2. Select your name in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select Account Settings from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the Shop Info tab.
  5. Select Edit above your shop details.
  6. Enter your CS Shop ID in the CommentSold ID field, then select Update.

Once you connect CommentSold, Ave Shops will send your product data to CommentSold so we can add it to your dropship inventory.

Step 3: Manage Ave Shop Products in CommentSold

Once you receive an email confirmation that we’ve imported your Ave Shop products, head to your Products page.

While rare, there might be instances where duplicate products occur. If you see a duplicate product, you can delete the product with the Shopify logo in the bottom-right corner of the image tile.

Remember, you’ll need to publish the products to your mobile app and/or website to sell them to your customers.

  Have Ave Shops preorders in Shopify? You’ll want to keep your Ave Shops and Shopify connection active until those orders are fulfilled. Order information will not sync to CommentSold as part of the import process.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

  •  How long will the import process take?
    • We estimate the process will take 24 hours from when you add your CS Shop ID to Ave Shops. You will receive an email confirmation once the import process has been completed.
  • Can I disconnect Ave Shops from Shopify once products import?
    • If you have pending orders or preorders for Ave Shop in Shopify, then you will want to keep your account active and connected to ensure those orders fulfill. Once orders have been fulfilled, or if you have no pending preorders, then you can disconnect Ave Shops and Shopify, if desired.
  • Can I edit my dropship products like I can in Shopify?
    • Yes! You can make changes to product titles, descriptions, and even images in CommentSold.
  • Can I edit the prices of my dropship products?
    • Absolutely! Learn how to update the retail price here.
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