Offering Gift Cards

CommentSold allows you to create and sell electronic gift cards to your customers.


Gift cards can be managed and sold similarly to typical products within CommentSold. Read on to learn how!


Creating & Editing Gift Cards


Before you can begin selling gift cards, you will need to enable this feature within the Setup tab of your CommentSold admin dashboard.


Under Selling Preferences, you will see the section labeled "Gift Cards." This must be enabled before you can continue on with creating your gift cards. 




Once this setting is enabled, visit the Products tab. Click the link in the top navigation banner to "Add gift card product."




The options for adding a gift card product are the same as when adding a regular item. You will still need to enter the following:

  1. Name ("Gift Card" or similar)
  2. Cost (for gift cards, $0)
  3. Retail Price (enter one of the denominations you would like to sell, e.g. $10)
  4. SKU 


Once you have entered this, click the "Add Product" button on the top right to continue.


On the "Edit Images page," you can add the image you would like shown for your gift cards wherever they are posted for sale. 



Next, click on "Edit Inventory" from the top of the page. 



Then click the button at the top right to "Add Variant." A pop up will appear, allowing you to add an additional gift card option. You will need to enter the following:

  1. Denomination - The amount the gift card is worth
  2. Cost - The cost to the shop (for the electronic gift card, typically $0)
  3. Retail Price - The cost to the shopper (usually the same as the Denomination)



Repeat this process for as many variants as you would like to offer.


To edit a variant, click the three dots to the right of its row and select "Edit Variant." You will be able to enter a new denomination. You will need to do this for the variant you created when first adding a gift card product (as a denomination was not required upon creation). 


Your gift cards are ready to be sold!


Selling Gift Cards


Posting Gift Cards for Sale


Posting gift cards for sale follows the same process as posting any other product. Gift cards can be sold in your CommentSold webstore and mobile app, and on your linked social media accounts.


For social media posts and live sales, shoppers can claim gift cards by commenting with the SKU and the denomination they would like to purchase.




When a shopper pays for a gift card, they will receive an email with a digital code that should be used in the coupon section at checkout. 


Running Sales on Gift Cards


Account credit and coupons cannot be used on gift cards. If you would like to offer gift cards at a discount, you will need to enter a Sale Price on the "Edit Inventory" page for the gift card product.




In the image above, the denomination of the cards are $10 and $20, but they are being offered at a 20% discount at $8 and $16. 


Viewing Sold Gift Cards


When a shopper pays for a gift card, they will receive an email with a digital code that should be used in the coupon section at checkout. 


If a customer needs their code provided to them again, you can access it from within the Products tab of your CommentSold dashboard. Click on "Gift cards" in the top navigation banner.




Here, you will see the code associated with their gift card. Clicking this code will open a screen that can be printed and provided to a customer for use.




Additionally, you can click the three dots to the right of their gift card and "Resend Email."

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