Waitlists allow shoppers to express interest in a retailer's sold-out products. By adding a product to their waitlist, shoppers can receive a notification when the retailer restocks the product. It will automatically appear in the shopper's cart, and if the shopper has preauthorized the product, CommentSold will automatically process the order and invoice the shopper.

Retailers can configure their Waitlist settings on the Shop tab of their Setup page.

How Waitlists Benefit Your Business

  • Allow shoppers to express interest in sold-out products by adding the item to their waitlist.
  • Use shopper waitlist and preauthorization numbers to determine whether to reorder a product.
  • Automatically add a waitlisted item to a shopper's cart once you restock the item.
  • Encourage shoppers to preauthorize a waitlist item so their order is immediately processed once you restock the item.

Configure Waitlist Settings

  1. Select Setup in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select the Shop tab and scroll to locate the Shopping Cart section on the right side of the page.
  3. Enable and configure the following settings, if desired:
    • Waitlist Variant Limit. Limit the number of product variants a shopper can add to their waitlist. Select Edit, enter your desired number, and select Update Max Waitlist Per Variant.
    • Waitlist Authorization. Enable to allow shoppers to preauthorize a payment charge for a waitlisted item when it becomes available. Learn more about waitlist authorization here.
    • Allow Store Credit on Waitlist Authorizations. Enable to allow CommentSold to use shoppers' account credit for preauthorized purchases.
    • Waitlist Preauth Expiration. Set an expiration for preauthorized transactions. Select Edit, enter your desired number of days, then select Update Preauth Expire. A preauthorized product will no longer be preauthorized once this number of days passes, however, the item will remain on the shopper's waitlist.
    • Use separate expiration timer for items added to cart from a shopper's waitlist. Enable to give shoppers a larger window of time to receive your checkout reminder emails and complete their checkout.
      • Expire Shopping Cart After. Select Edit, enter the hours and/or minutes, then select Update Expire Time.

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