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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to access past live sales in CommentSold.
  • How to view and read analytics data for past live sales.

About Live History

Your Live History tab lets you dig into specific metrics for past live sales. By analyzing this data, you gain a better understanding of your shoppers, where they're shopping (e.g., Facebook, mobile app, etc.), what they're buying, and more.

Your Live History tab is also where you can publish your live sale replays to your mobile app and/or webstore so shoppers can "Shop the Replay" at their convenience. CommentSold tracks replay performance and makes it available on the Live Statistics page for the specific live sale.

How Live History Benefits Your Shop

  • Quickly add live sale replays to your mobile app and/or webstore.
  • View revenue and product performance data using in-depth live sale analytics.
  • Asses live sale performance by sales channel (e.g., Facebook, mobile app, webstore, etc.).
  • Use these analytics to make informed decisions for future live sales (e.g., the average length of live sale before viewership dips, products that drive carting actions or checkout, etc.)

Access Past Live Sales

  1. Select Live in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Live History from the menu at the top of the page.
  3. In the Options column, select the three-dot icon to Rename the live sale or Download the video file.
  4. In the Show Replays column, select the App and/or Web checkbox to publish the live sale replay to your mobile app and/or webstore.
  5. Select the Name of the live sale to view in-depth performance data for past live sales. 

View Past Live Sale Performance Data

Your Live Statistic page allows you to access in-depth performance data for your live sales such as viewership, revenue, individual product performance, and minute-by-minute sales performance. We break down each of these sections below.

Expand to view a description of Summary data points
  • Summary. View a summary of overall sale data, including:
    • The total revenue generated during the live sale (less taxes and shipping).
    • The average amount of revenue generated per minute of the live sale.
    • The number of items in the live sale and total quantity of all products sold.
    • The maximum number of viewers during the live sale.
  • Revenue. View a breakdown of revenue by sales channel, including:
    • The total payments amount generated during the live sale.
    • The to-date total payments amount generated from shoppers who have viewed the live sale replay.
    • The total number of products sold during the live sale by sales channel.
    • The to-date total number of products sold to shoppers who have viewed the live sale replay.
  • Viewership. View the maximum and average viewership numbers by sales channel.
  Note: Unlike revenue reported in other sections of CommentSold, revenue shown in your Live History does not reflect redeemed account credit, coupons used, taxes, and shipping costs. It is an estimate of the earnings from your live sale based on the items sold and their prices, but it is not an accurate reflection of payments received.
Expand to view a description of Featured Product data points

Featured Products lists every product you scanned or manually added during the live sale or that was part of your live sale product selection. CommentSold lists products by the amount of revenue generated.

For each product, you can:

  • Hover over the Time stamp to highlight when you featured that product in the minute-by-minute graph at the bottom of the page.
  • Copy the link to a specific product's place in the live sale replay. Select the arrow to the left of the product name to copy the URL. You can share this link with customers, post it on social, and/or use it in product-specific paid ads.
  • Jump directly to a product record by selecting the product name.
  • View the total revenue generated for the product during the live sale.
  • View the Sold % for each product. CommentSold calculates this as (# of items sold) / (item quantity available at the beginning of the live sale).
Expand to view a description of Minute-by-Minute Graph data points

The minute-by-minute line graph at the bottom of the page allows you to see the details of your sale over time. You can hover over the graph to view different products and metrics at specific intervals.

These metrics include:

  • Total viewers at that time.
  • Total payments made at that time.
  • Value of carted items at that time.

You can track these metrics to view the high and low moments of your live sale, which products drove a spike in carted items, etc.

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