Automatic Product Videos from Live Sales

The Automatic Product Videos feature takes a snippet from your live sale where a product was featured and turns it into a product video to save you time on content creation.

When this setting is enabled, CommentSold will automatically create product videos (aka, "fit videos") for products that have been featured in your live sales. Each automatic product video will automatically publish to their corresponding product pages on your mobile app and the webstore. This feature can be a real time-saver when it comes to content creation!

In this article, we will address these frequently asked questions:


How do Automatic Product Videos work?

CommentSold automatically records these videos using the timestamps for the period in which each product was featured. It starts from the moment you click or scan an individual product into the live sale until you click or scan the next product. Then this video is uploaded to your mobile app or webstore respectively. This means you can get product videos automatically without having to record and post each individually.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Automatic Product Videos:

  • Any product videos that you add manually will take precedent over an Automatic Product Video by default. You can manually upload a product by posting the video to Facebook or Instagram with autolinking.

  • If a product has been featured in more than one live sale, CommentSold will use the video segment from the oldest live sale. 

  • If a product was featured or scanned multiple times during a live sale, CommentSold will use the longest segment as the product video.

How do I enable this setting?

To enable this feature, visit the Setup tab of your CommentSold dashboard. Under "Selling Preferences",  find the Automatic Product Videos From Live Sales setting and toggle it on.




How should I time my product presentation for Automatic Product Videos? 

The start of each Automatic Product Video is triggered when an item is scanned or selected during a live sale, so be sure to discuss or demo each product only after you have scanned or selected it. Currently, it is not possible to crop or edit Automatic Product Videos so good timing is important when it comes to presentation.


Can I delete an Automatic Product Video?

Yes. However, in doing so, you will remove that product from the live sale it's associated with. That said, this should be used primarily if the video showcases the product. Keep this in mind if you want to proceed. If you're not comfortable with this, skip these instructions to learn about alternative methods.

To delete a video, navigate to the Product tab. Click the three dot menu next to the product that was featured in the video you want to delete. Then click Edit Media from the drop-down.

In the section labeled "Manage Videos", find the video you want to delete and click the trash can icon. Confirm that you want to delete it by clicking Delete Record



An alternative method of removing a video is to override it instead of deleting it. Posting a product video to Facebook and autolinking it will give it precedence over any auto-generated snippets.

Another alternative is to remove the Live Replays from specific channels in the Live History tab. If you uncheck the boxes under Show Replays for any sale listed here, the Live Replay and all associated Automatic Product Videos will be removed from that channel as well.


Can I exclude certain products from Automatic Product Videos?

Yes. When you create or edit a product in CommentSold, there will be an option to exclude it from Automatic Product Videos.


How do the videos look to shoppers?

On the mobile app and webstore, the product tile will show a play button to indicate there is a video attached. When the shopper clicks this tile, they will enter the product page where the video can be played or paused.







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