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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to access your push notification logs.
  • How CommentSold calculates different push notification metrics.

About Your Push Notification Logs

A push notification is a message from your shop's mobile app that pops up on a shopper's mobile device. Shops can send push notifications anytime, and shoppers don't have to be in the app or even using their device to receive the notification.

You can use notifications for several things: offering a discount, notifying shoppers of a product drop or daily deal, and announcing a live sale. Shoppers will only receive push notifications if they have your mobile app installed and notifications for your app enabled.

With CommentSold, you can view the performance of your push notifications, such as the percentage of shoppers who tap the notification to open your app, in your Push Logs.

  Note: A shop's push notification log only reflects iOS data at this time.

How Push Notification Logs Benefit Your Shop

  • Understand which notification types or messaging receive the highest level of engagement.
  • View the combined performance of your last 30 push notifications using the Push Log panels.
  • Dig into individual notification metrics, including disable rate (unsubscribe), delivery rate, and tap through rate.

View Push Notification Logs

  1. Select Mobile App in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Notifications in the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll and locate the Push Logs section.

View Averaged Metrics for Your Last 30 Push Notifications

The panels at the top of your Push Logs section display combined subscriber, delivery, and engagement metrics for your last 30 notifications.

Subscribed Devices Reporting Devices Delivery Rate Tap Through Rate

When you send a notification to an iOS (Apple) device, CommentSold sends a request to Apple that contains a unique device token, or identifier, for that specific device. CommentSold then waits for Apple to confirm whether that device accepted the notification.

Your Subscribed Devices figure is the number of devices for which Apple servers have accepted a notification request.

  Note: Due to privacy regulations and user settings, Apple cannot always accurately reflect changes made (e.g., unsubscribes, etc.). With that in mind, we created the Reporting Devices metric discussed in the next tab.

View Metrics for Individual Push Notification

  • Push Type. The type of push notification sent. You can send push notifications from the Notifications page in CommentSold and also when going live on your app or posting a product to your mobile app.
  • Segment. The category of shoppers to whom you sent the notification (e.g., all shoppers, VIP customers, or shoppers with carted items).
  • Disable Rate. The percentage of confirmed recipients who disabled notifications after receiving the push notification. Disable Rate is similar to an email unsubscribe rate.
  • Send Rate. The percentage of intended recipients for whom Apple's servers accepted the current notification.
    • This figure should generally be close to 100%, except for sending errors. CommentSold will retry failures to optimize the delivery as much as possible for all users.
  • iOS Tapped Rate. The percentage of iOS users who interacted with a notification.
    • CommentSold calculates tap through rate as (# of taps detected) / (# of confirmed recipients) * 100.
  • iOS Delivery Rate. The percentage of intended recipients who successfully received the push notification.
    • CommentSold calculates your delivery rate as (# of successful deliveries) / (# of unique users who received at least one of your last 30 notifications) * 100.

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