You can create a segment within Klaviyo to target shoppers who have purchased on/via TikTok using Klaviyo's segmenting tool. This will automatically pull customers who meet this criteria into Klaviyo for use in campaigns.

Create a TikTok Segment

  1. Select Audience in the side menu of your Klaviyo dashboard, then select List & Segments.
  2. Select Create New in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select Create Segment from the drop-down list.
  4. Define your segment in the Definition section: 
    • From the Select a Condition drop-down, select What someone has done (or not done).
    • From the Choose metric drop-down, select Ordered Product.
      • Ensure you choose the Ordered Product option with the gear icon.
    • In the next drop-down, set the frequency to at least once.
    • In the next drop-down, set the time period to over all time.
    • Select Add Filter.
    • From the Where drop-down, select Source. You can search for this option using the field provided.
    • In the Equals field, enter TikTok
      • This needs to exactly say TikToknot Tik Tok
  5. Enter a name for your segment in the Name field at the top of the page.
  6. Once done, select Create Segment in the top-right corner of the page.

For more information on creating a segment in Klaviyo, check out this article in their Help Center.

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