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  • How to locate a product's deep link.
  • How to use deep links.

About Mobile Deep Links

A deep link takes a shopper to a specific page on a website rather than the default home page. A mobile deep link will direct a user to a specific location in a mobile app, such as a product page.

A mobile deep link will take a shopper to a specific product in your mobile app if:

  • The shopper has your mobile app downloaded to their device.
  • The shopper is using the device on which they've downloaded your mobile app.
  • The shopper taps the link from an app that supports mobile deep linking (e.g., SMS, iMessage, and Safari).
  • The shopper has not set a default program to open links (e.g., Chrome, Safari) that would override mobile deep linking.

If a shopper's device meets all four of the above conditions, then a mobile deep link will direct them to the specific product in your mobile app. If not, the shopper will be taken to the product page on your webstore.

  Note: Only your Shop Admin will be able to view a product's deep link URL on the product record. 

How Deep Links Benefit Your Business

  • Create a product-specific digital ad and use a mobile deep link to take a shopper directly to your app and to the product.
  • Reduce the number of taps it takes a shopper to open your app and locate a product.
  • Use deep links in customer communications to link shoppers directly to a specific product page.

Locate a Product's Mobile Deep Link

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate the product for which you need the deep link, then select the hyperlinked Product Name
  3. In the General Info section, locate the Deep Link.
  4. Copy the deep link.

Once you have copied a product's deep link, you can proceed with pasting that deep link into an ad, email, message, and more.

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