Install Intercom to chat with visitors and customers on your CommentSold webstore and/or mobile app.

If you are using a CommentSold webstore and/or mobile app, you can use the Intercom integration to add live chat support to these channels. You will need an Intercom subscription or trial and a few minutes to complete installation.


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Intercom Chat from the Customer Perspective


Once Intercom is connected to your mobile app, shoppers will be able to contact your team by tapping on their Profile Icon and selecting Contact Us



Once Intercom is connected to your webstore, shoppers will see the Intercom icon at the bottom right corner of their screen and can click it to open a chat window.




Be sure to make your support hours and response time clear to shoppers to avoid any frustration!


Connecting Intercom to Your Webstore


From within your Intercom account, locate your Workspace/App ID. This is an 8 character ID of both numbers and letters. You can find this under SettingsInstallation Web. Learn more about your Workspace/App ID here.



Copy this ID, then visit your CommentSold dashboard. Click on the Setup tab and then on Integrations. Under the Intercom section, paste the ID into the box for Intercom App ID. Click the green Save button to finish.



Connecting Intercom to Your Mobile App

If you have a mobile app with CommentSold and would like to connect Intercom, you will need to copy your Workspace/App ID, your iOS Key and Android Key from your Intercom account.


Your Workspace/App ID can be found under SettingsInstallation Web.

Your iOS Key and Android Key can be found under SettingsInstallation iOS (or Android).


Copy these keys one at a time to paste into CommentSold. Within CommentSold, click Mobile App tab and then on Settings. Locate the section for Intercom Settings and paste the keys into the boxes for Intercom iOS Key and Intercom Android Key. Click the blue Save button.





Intercom is now connected to your webstore and/or mobile app!

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