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  • How to email shoppers who favorited an item from the Products page.

About Emailing Shoppers Who Favorite Products

Favorites allow shoppers to curate a list of products they're interested in. With Favorites, shoppers can quickly jump to their "wish list" items from your app homepage rather than sifting through your collections to locate an item. 

With CommentSold, you can email shoppers who have favorited a product at any time from the Products page. Retailers can use this email for multiple communications, including:

  • Letting customers know their favorite product is on sale.
  • Informing customers of fast-moving products and low inventory levels so they don't miss out.
  • Notifying customers that you've restocked their favorite product and/or that it's now available in new variants (e.g., colors, material, etc.)

How Emailing Shoppers Benefits Your Business

  • Re-engage interested customers when you re-restock a product.
  • Move favorited but aged inventory by offering targeting coupons or promotions to interested customers.
  • Proactively communicate about low inventory or discontinued products to encourage final purchases.

Email Shoppers Who Favorited a Product

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate the product for which you want to notify shoppers and select the three-dot icon to the far right of the row.
  3. Select Email Favorites from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter your Email Subject and Email Message in the corresponding fields.
  5. Select Send.

The Email Favorites pop-up will display the total number of times customers have favorited the product as well as a breakdown by variant. You can also view these specifics using the Favorites report. At the bottom of the pop-up is the total number of customers who will receive your email.

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