Need a better understanding of how well products sell when featured in a live sale? Head to your Sell Through Insights tab. 

Your Sell Through tab gives you a snapshot of products featured on a live sale in the last 45 days, and the performance of those products (often viewed as sold versus available). This tab starts tracking a product’s sell through the first time you or a team member scan it on a live sale through that 45-day mark. Any products first scanned over 45 days ago will not display even if they were recently featured on a live sale.

You can use your Sell Through tab to gain quick and easy insight into which products your team should reshow in a live sale based on when they were last shown, the number of times they’ve been shown, the volume of inventory left to sell, and the potential profit from that unsold inventory.

We walk through the various graphs and tables featured on your Sell Through tab below.

Sell Through Insights Data Sets

There are four sets of data on your Sell Through tab: Summary Sell Through Current Snapshot, High Priority Sell Through Opportunities, Detailed Sell Through by SKU by Live Week Cohort, and Individual SKU Sell Through Drill Down. We walk through these data sets on the below tabs.

Sell Through Snapshot Sell Through Opportunities Sell Through by Week Sell Through by SKU

Your Sell Through Snapshot consists of 4 key performance indicators (KPIs) displayed at the top of your page, and two graphs.

Data Set Information Displayed How You Can Use It
Total Unique SKUs This KPI displays the total number of unique product SKUs scanned for the first time during a live sale in the last 45 days. Track new product intros. Know at-a-glance how many new products you are introducing to your live sale shoppers in a 45-day window.
 Starting Quantity of Items This KPI displays the beginning number of inventory units for all unique SKUs scanned for the first time during a live sale in the last 45 days. Identify starting inventory levels. Knowing the total inventory units available for unique SKUs helps you calculate their sell through.
Current Sell Through % This KPI displays the total product units sold divided by the starting quantity as a percentage.

Know if product is moving. A high sell through percentage means inventory you first scanned in the last 45 days is selling. 

If you feel your percentage is lower than it usually is, you can investigate sell through at the product-level using the tables included on the Sell Through tab.

Total Available Items Remaining This KPI displays the total number of unsold inventory units for those unique SKUs scanned for the first time during a live sale in the last 45 days. Track sales for unique SKUs. Compare this figure to Starting Quantity of Items to get a feel for how effectively products are selling in that 45-day window.
Current Total Units Sold/Available by Live Week Cohort View a breakdown of the number of inventory units sold (dark blue) and the number remaining (light blue) for products first scanned during a specific week. The points on the line graph reveal the total number of unique SKUs scanned for the first time during a specific week.

Track sell through over a 6-week period. Gain a high-level view of product sell through for the unique SKUs scanned in a 45-day window. 

Sell through should trend up, so know at-a-glance whether certain weeks contain products with greater available inventory than sold inventory.

Current Sell Through % and Available % by Live Week Cohort View the percentage of inventory units sold (dark blue) and the percentage of remaining, available inventory (light blue).

Know which weeks contain  products you should reshow. If a week displays a large percentage of available inventory over sold, you can drill into the week in the Detailed Sell Through by SKU section to identify which products you should reshow.

Reshow products are those products that haven’t been featured on a live sale more than once and still have a large volume of available inventory.

  Note: CommentSold defines weeks on a rolling basis. Here is a breakdown of how those weeks are structured:

  • This Week. SKUs first shown live 0-6 days ago.
  • 1 Week Ago. SKUs first down 7-13 days ago.
  • 2 Weeks Ago. SKUs first shown 14-20 days ago.
  • 3 Weeks Ago. SKUs first shown 21-27 days ago.
  • 4 Weeks Ago. SKUs first shown 28-34 days ago.
  • 5 Weeks Ago. SKUs first shown 35-41 days ago.
  • 6 Weeks Ago. SKUs first shown 42-45 days ago.

Access Your Sell Through Tab

  1. Select Insights in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Sell Through from the options listed at the top of the page.

View and Export Data

You have various options when it comes to viewing and exporting your data. Please note that available options will vary by data set. 

Hover Over Data Sets

Hover over graphs to view a snapshot summary of the available data.

Order Data by Column

You can sort any data set column by first hovering over the column header, then selecting the desired action. You can also readjust the width of your columns by hovering over and dragging the dividing line between the column headers.

Export Data

Select the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the data set to access your export option.

  • Download data. Download a .CSV file of the data set to your device.
  • Autosize all columns. Automatically resize all columns to fit the data contained displayed.
  • Reset all column widths. If you have made adjustments to column widths, quickly reset to the default widths.
  • View. Select Expand to launch an expanded display of the specific data set.
  • Clear cache & refresh. Refresh the data set to bring in more updated data.
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