Want to share updates or special offers with website visitors? Use the header menu for instant visibility!

Adding a header menu to your website allows shoppers to check out new offers or updates and navigate easily. It's a fixed menu, meaning it appears at the top of your website no matter which page a shopper visits. For this reason, it's useful for housing your logo, important updates, and exciting offers.

With Site Creator, you have complete control over your header menu layout. You can:

  • Add your brand logo
  • Add announcements (updates or offers)
  • Redirect visitors to any page
  • Style your header

Customize Your Header Menu

  1. Hover over the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard, then select Site Creator.
  2. Select Appearance from the options listed at the top of the page.
  3. Expand the Header section ​​in the side menu of your Site Creator.
  4. Within the Header section, expand and customize the header sections. We detail these sections below.
  5. Your site preview will update to reflect the changes to your header menu. When you are satisfied, select Publish in the top-right corner of the Site Creator to save your header menu.


  1. Select Upload to launch your Media Gallery. From here you can upload a new image or logo, if desired. 
  2. Select the desired Alignment for the image.

Announcement Bar

  1. Select the Show Announcement checkbox if you wish to display any announcement or an offer.
  2. Select the Home Page Only checkbox if you wish to display the announcement only on the Home Page.
  3. Enable the Start & Expiration Time toggle if you wish to set a desired time for the announcement.
    • Select the Start Date.
    • Select the End Date.
  4. Enter a description of the announcement in the Text field. 
  5. Choose your link option:
    • Page. Use the drop-down to select an existing page or collection. You can also create a new collection by selecting + Create New Collection.
    • External Link. Enter the URL for the external link.
  6. Enter the code for the desired Bar Color.
  7. Enter the code for the desired Text Color.
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