Want to add images to your website and content pages to promote the personality of your brand?

Site Creator allows for several different images, from header images to promotional blocks to slideshows. Since each of these elements will appear differently on your website, they each have their own sizing recommendations.

Regardless of the element, all images must be in .JPG or .PNG format. We recommend keeping images around 1MB or less as large files can negatively impact your website's load time.

Recommended Image Dimensions

The table below outlines the various types of images that can appear on your webstore, as well as our general recommendations for image dimensions:

Image Type Recommended Image Dimensions
Content Section 832px width maximum
Store Logo 1000 px width / 500 px height minimum
Slideshow Images 2000 px width / 1000 px height minimum
Promotional Block Images 

Square Images: 410 px width / 410 px height minimum

Rectangular Images: 410 px width / 615 px height minimum

Product Images 630 px width / 940 px height minimum
  Using Canva? We recommend the Social Media project type for product pictures and promotional block images and the Facebook Cover project type for banners.


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