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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to add a product’s details and description.
  • How to add a product’s media.
  • How to add a product’s inventory quantity.
  • How to add new product variants to an existing product.
  • How to add a product restock to an existing product.

About Adding Products

Products are items you wish for your business to sell. Before you can sell them, however, you'll need to set them up in CommentSold.

When you add a product to CommentSold, you create a centralized record for product-specific information, media, and inventory levels. Creating a product allows you to sell that item to your customers via your product list, social media, webstore, and mobile app.  

  Note: If you are using another inventory system that you've integrated with CommentSold, such as Shopify, you will need to create products on that platform.

How Adding Products Benefits Your Business

  • Create product selections to feature specific products on live sales and Shop the Look video posts.
  • Post items to your Facebook and Instagram accounts to entice your social media followers to shop with you.
  • Build collections for easy product shopping by category on your webstore and mobile app.
  • Schedule a sale for an item to offer bulk discounts and price changes.
  • Add customized badges (e.g. best sellernew item, etc.) for individual products on your mobile app to catch shoppers’ attention when shopping.

Step 1: Edit Product

The Edit Product tab contains details about a product. Product Name, Cost, Retail Price, and SKU are required fields, but we strongly recommend you enter as much information as possible to generate the most accurate reporting.

Some fields below require enablement before they will show. If you do not see a field, contact our Support Team via the chat icon in the bottom-right corner of your CommentSold dashboard.

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Add Product in the top-right corner of the page.
Expand to view a description of all Product fields.

General Info 

Fields with an eye icon present are not visible to your shoppers.

  • Product Name. Enter a product name that will display to shoppers. Use less than 50 characters for your product name to avoid causing system issues. 
  • Cost. Enter the cost of the item. Cost may include other expenses besides the actual cost of the item, such as shipping costs from the wholesaler to you. 
  • Retail Price. Enter the price of the item for your shoppers.
  • Margin. The percentage difference between wholesale cost and retail price. CommentSold will populate this field. 
  • Profit. The dollar amount of profit you make when this item is sold at full retail price. CommentSold will populate this field. 
  • Shipping Price. If you have enabled the Custom shipping price/product setting on your Shipping Setting tab, you can enter a different shipping price for this item. 
  • Description. Enter the product description you want displayed for the item's webstore product description unless you have a description in the Online Store Description field. We recommend creating a fun, engaging description that also includes important product information. 
  • Use for Online Store & App checkbox. Select this checkbox if you wish to use the same description for both the webstore and mobile app. If you have enabled the Same Product Description toggle in Setup, this checkbox will automatically be checked by default for newly created products.  
  • Mobile App Description. Enter a separate product description to be used on the mobile app, if desired.  
  • Custom Badge Text. Create custom badges for your webstore and mobile app products to catch a shopper’s attention and promote purchasing (e.g., Our Faves!, Going Fast, or Hot Item!)

SKU/Brand Info Section

  • Product SKU/Style #. Enter your preferred SKU. We recommend avoiding dashes, spaces, special characters, or over 50 characters when creating SKUs. After you have added a few products to CommentSold, you will see a suggested SKU here and can choose to use it. 
    • Note: Be consistent in your naming conventions and spelling for brand names and variants. Using a template can help you quickly create new products and keep consistency for typically used details. Learn more about creating templates here.
  • Brand. Enter the product brand or wholesaler from whom you sourced the item. Entering the brand or vendor name will increase the accuracy of your reports and make it easier to know who to contact when restocking. 
  • Brand Style #. Enter the brand or vendor’s style # for easier reordering.

Details Section

  • Size. Enter the sizes you will offer for this product. These will show as different size variants on the Edit Inventory tab.
  • Colors. Enter the colors you will offer for this product.  Keeping color names simple will make it easier for shoppers to comment with the color name when claiming the item.
  • Charge taxes on this product. Select this checkbox if you want to charge taxes on this item. Learn more about setting up tax settings here.
    • Note: If you have Avalara connected to CommentSold, you will see a Tax Code option rather than the option to charge taxes. Search and enter the corresponding tax code for the item in Tax Code.
  • All Product Variants Received. Select this checkbox if you have received all variants for this product. If all variants haven’t been received, you’ll select only the received variants within the Edit Inventory tab. 
  • Include Add-Ons. Select this checkbox to allow add-ons to the product, such as monogramming. If you have enabled the option to include add-ons to products, you will see this checkbox. 
  • Low Stock Limit. If you have enabled Low Stock Notifications, then enter the quantity threshold where you will be notified a product's stock is low.
  • Notify. Choose the team member to receive low stock notifications.
  • Fulfillment Notes. Enter notes that will display for your shipping team during fulfillment.

Additional Options Section

  • Exclude this product from Automatic Product Videos From Live Sale. Select this checkbox if you do not wish for CommentSold to create Automatic Product Videos for this product from a live sale. Learn more about Automatic Product Videos from Live Sales here.

Collections Section

  • Collections. Select which collection(s) you wish to add the new product to from the drop-down menu. Learn how to create collections here.

Online Store Section

  • Publish this product. Select this checkbox if you wish to immediately publish the product to your webstore.  If you do not wish for the product to be available for purchase yet, leave this checkbox unselected. You can publish the item to your webstore at a later time. 
  • Description. This field only appears if the Use for Online Store & App checkbox is unselected. This field allows for additional text features in the item’s webstore description.

Notifications Section

  • Notification Title. Enter the automatic mobile app notification title that will display if you auto-link posts of the product to the mobile app. Learn more about auto-linking posts for your mobile app here.
  • Notification Body. Enter the automatic mobile app notification message that will display if you auto-link posts of the product to the mobile app. Learn more about using auto-linking posts for your mobile app here.

Step 2: Edit Media

The Edit Media tab is where you'll upload images for the product. If you do not have photos of the product at the time of creation, then you can come back to this step later. We highly recommend using your own images over stock images whenever possible to create a stronger brand image.

  1. Select + Upload Images in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Select and upload an image you wish to use for the product. Repeat these steps until you have uploaded all images you wish to use for the product.
    • Recommended image size for a product image is 630px width x 940px height minimum.
    • Want to assign images to specific variants? You can! Learn more here.
  3. Once you have successfully uploaded an image, it will appear in the Manage Images section. 
  4. If you upload any videos of the product, these will show in a separate Manage Videos section beneath the Manage Images section.
    • If no videos are associated with a product, the Manage Videos section will not appear.
  5. When you are finished uploading your media, select Edit Inventory from the menu at the top of the page.
  What does the Green Frame mean? The green frame highlights the main image CommentSold will display for the product. Hover over a different image until a gold frame appears. Select the gold-framed image to change that image to be your main image.
  Pro-Tip: For iOS users, product videos can be created and added to products from the CommentSold Broadcast app. These videos will show in the Manage Videos section under Manage Images. Learn more about creating product videos with your broadcast app here.

Step 3: Edit Inventory

The Edit Inventory tab allows you to enter the quantity, weight, and location of each of the variants you entered on the Edit Product tab separately or all at once. Any notes from the Edit Product page will also display at the top of the page.

Expand to view a description of all Edit Inventory fields.
  • Top Row. The row at the top of the table allows you to update certain fields for all variants at once. This row also shows cumulative totals for all variants combined.
  • # Arrows. Use these arrows to rearrange the order of your variants. You may also use the Drag and Drop Reordering option at the bottom of the screen to reorganize the variants.
  • Color. Use the arrows to organize your color variants in alphabetical order.
  • Size. Use the arrows to organize your size variants in alphabetical order.
  • Add/Remove Stock. You may add inventory to all variants at one time with the - and + options or by each variant row individually.
  • Variant Received. This checkbox reflects whether you selected this option on the Edit Product tab. If you selected that checkbox, then all checkboxes will be selected. If you haven’t received all variants, you may deselect the checkboxes beside the unreceived variants. When you receive these variants, you can select these checkboxes.
  • Weight. Enter the weight of each size variant in ounces.  It’s important to weigh each size to account for any weight differences that will affect shipping.
  • Cost. CommentSold pre-fills the cost from what you entered on the Edit Product tab. You may edit this information now if needed.
  • Retail Price. CommentSold pre-fills the retail price from what you entered on the Edit Product tab. You may edit this information now if needed.
  • Sale Price. Enter a sale price if you wish to discount the item. Sale Price may be used for temporary and permanent discounting.
  • Margin. CommentSold pre-fills the margin based on the calculation on the Edit Product tab.  Edit the Cost and Retail Price if you wish to change this percentage.
  • Profit. CommentSold pre-fills the profit based on the calculation on the Edit Product tab. Edit the Cost and Retail Price to change this dollar amount.
  • Total Cost. Displays the total cost of each variant’s current inventory. For example, if the quantity is 2 and the cost is $5, then the total cost is $10.
  • Location. Enter the location of the item for easy fulfillment with packing slips. This is best used if you have assigned locations to your warehouse or storage area (e.g. Shelf 1, Bin A1, Rack 2).
  • Custom Barcode. Scan a barcode into this field if your product came with a barcode already on them, such as a UPC barcode. If you cannot enter a barcode, contact Support or your Account Strategist to enable this feature.
  • Print All Barcodes (PDF). If you are using CommentSold barcodes, print the barcodes for all received variants for the new product. Learn more about using barcodes here.

Once you have entered all inventory information for the new product, select Update Variants in the top-right corner of the page.

  Forgot to add a size or color variant? You can add it from this tab. Select the + next to either Color or Size at the top of the page to add it. This allows you to create a new size for all colors offered or a new color for all sizes offered. Or, you can select +Add Variant in the top-right corner of the page to create a single variant for color or size. You can also enter a separate cost and retail price and indicate if you’ve received the inventory for the new variant.

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