When you first begin selling on social media with CommentSold, you'll need to teach your shoppers on how to register and purchase for you using comment purchasing!

Shopping with CommentSold is simple, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that your shoppers have the smoothest experience possible getting started.

Step 1: Go Live on Your Facebook Page

During this live, you'll want to discuss:

  1. Registration—Share your shop URL in the description of your Facebook Live and invite viewers to register and enable Messenger notifications. Getting customers pre-registered will ensure that they're ready to shop when you post items or host a live sale!
  2. The account page—The account page is where customers will be able to view their cart, waitlisted items and orders, manage their contact information, and apply store credit and coupons!
  3. How to comment—Customers need to know that "sold" is the word they will need to include in a comment in order to make a purchase. The variant information (size and color) must also be included with their comment. Customers can always reference the post or Live Overlay to see what variants are available! If purchasing multiples of an item or variant, they will need to leave a comment for each (1 comment = 1 item). Lastly, you may want to mention that CommentSold cannot read edits to comments. If the customer needs to make a change, they will need to leave a new comment.
  4. How to check out—Customers will need to know to visit their account page to view and pay for their claimed items. They can comment and add as many items as they'd like to their cart before checking out. If you use the cart timer setting within CommentSold, you'll want to let them know they have a limited amount of time to check out before items expire from their carts. If First Paid First Served is enabled, let them know that items in their carts are not held until they have checked out!
  5. Waitlists—This is likely a new feature for your customers! Explain that commenting to claim an unavailable item will add this item to their waitlist, and that they can view their waitlisted items from their account page! To ensure that they don't miss out again, let them know to pre-authorize their payment method for the waitlisted item. This will create an order for them as soon as the item is available!
  6. Messenger notifications—If you have Messenger notifications enabled for your shop (which we recommend!), explain to your customers the value of opting into these notifications. They will receive messages about the status of their comment purchases (e.g. waitlisted, item restocked). From these messages, they can click to visit their account page. 

Step 2: Pin a Post with Shopping Instructions

Pin a post on your Facebook page that will serve as a quick reference for shoppers. Include any information you think will help your customers as they shop, such as commenting instructions, cart settings, your customer service contact information, and your return policy. 


If you'd like to provide them with a video to reference, we've created one (without any CommentSold branding and with a fictional shop) for you to use! Click here to view it on YouTube.

Step 3: Give a Quick Refresher on Each Live Sale

If you're live selling, take a minute on each live sale to run through the key points about shopping from your store. The Live Overlay will help by showing shoppers what they should comment to claim an item, but you can remind them to enable Messenger notifications and to visit their account page to manage their carts and waitlists!

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