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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How shoppers can preauthorize the purchase of items on their waitlist via their account page.
  • How shoppers can preauthorize the purchase of items on their waitlist via your mobile app.

About Preauthorizing Waitlist Items

Preauthorizing waitlist items allows shoppers to be first in line for a waitlisted item when you restock it in your shop. With preauthorization, shoppers essentially give your shop permission to automatically charge the card they selected for payment and process the order as soon the item is available.

Allowing shoppers to preauthorize waitlist items can also help your shop determine which items to re-order as you replenish inventory.

You will need to enable waitlist preauthorization in order to let shoppers preauthorize their waitlist items.

How Preauthorization Benefits Shoppers

  • Preauthorization means the shopper is first in line when your shop restocks a waitlisted item.
  • Preauthorized orders automatically process meaning the shopper doesn't have to come back to the app or their account page to complete the order.

Preauthorize a Waitlist Item

There are two places a shopper can preauthorize a waitlisted item: from their account page and within your mobile app.

Account Page Mobile App

The bottom half of a shopper's account page functions as their checkout. Shoppers can also easily view items on their waitlist.

  1. Your shopper will need to scroll to the bottom of their account page to view their Waitlist Items.
  2. If there are one or more items the shopper wishes to preauthorize the purchase of, they will select Be First on Waitlist to the right of the item.
  3. On the pop-up, the shopper will need to select which card to authorize either from the Choose Card to Authorize drop-down or they can select Add New Card.
  4. If the shopper wishes to use a discount code, they will need to enter it in the Enter a Coupon Code field to have it apply to the preauthorized purchase.
  5. Once done, they will need to select Select.

Shoppers will see a confirmation banner in the bottom-left corner of their account page notifying them that they are now at the top of the waitlist. Once your shop restocks the item, the shopper will receive an order confirmation email letting them know your shop is processing their preauthorized order. 

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