Registering a Customer Through Facebook

This article outlines one of the simplest ways for customers to register and confirm their account to shop with you.


In order to shop on your Facebook Page or Group, a customer must register and confirm their account. While CommentSold will prompt a shopper to register an account if they attempt to purchase from you on social media without one, there is an even simpler way to have customers pre-register to shop!


First, your customer will need to visit your Facebook business page. From there, they should send a message to your page that says "register." Be sure they know where to locate the button to contact your page by Messenger (and that this setting is enabled)!


When a customer sends the "register" message to your page, they will receive an auto-reply prompting them to confirm their account. They will need to click the button to "Log In."




Once the customer clicks the "Log In" button, they will see that a simple registration form has been auto-populated with their information, pulled from Facebook. The customer can then click to complete the account registration process.


In the Customers tab of your CommentSold dashboard, you will see a green icon next to the newly created customer, indicating that their account has been confirmed!


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