If a shopper wants to shop your live sales, they'll need to first register and confirm their account. Registering an account allows CommentSold to read a shopper's "Sold" comments during the sale and cart the correct items, process an invoice, and assign the correct shipping details.

There are several ways a shopper can register: through Facebook, Instagram, your webstore, and your mobile app. We walk through each of those methods in this article.

You don't need to teach your shoppers all of these methods. Instead, we recommend choosing a method that makes the most sense for your shop and audience. For example, if the majority of your shoppers and customers participate in your live sales via Facebook, it would make sense to teach them how to register via Facebook, a place where they already are.

How Registration Benefits Your Shop

  • Teaching shoppers how to register before a sale can streamline the shopping experience.
  • A quick and streamlined checkout process means fewer opportunities for shoppers to reconsider their purchases.
  • Registering and confirming an account means the shopper can comment shop on your Facebook page.

Register Using Facebook

There are two ways a shopper can register to shop your live sales via Facebook: by sending a private message via Messenger, or by commenting during a live sale or on a live sale replay or linked item post.

Register by Sending a Message Register by Commenting

Shoppers can register by sending the private message "Register" to your Facebook page. You'll want to make sure you've enabled private messages for your page in order for shoppers to follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Your shopper will need to select the Message button on the right side of your Facebook page.
  2. If the shopper has never messaged your shop before, they may need to select Get Started in the chat window to begin the conversation.
  3. The shopper can then type Register and select the send icon (or hit the enter key on their keyboard).
  4. Your shop will automatically send the shopper a confirmation link. They will simply need to select Log In.
  5. A new window will open and ask the shopper to confirm their contact details. Once done, they'll select Confirm.
  6. Last, on the left side of the account page, the shopper will need to select the blue Get Started icon. This may launch an additional pop-up asking for confirmation.
Why is confirmation so important? Confirmed shoppers can comment and cart items on your Facebook page. If unconfirmed, shoppers will not be able to comment and cart items. Confirmed shoppers show a green icon beside their name on the Customers tab in your CommentSold dashboard.

Register via Instagram

Registering to shop via Instagram has a unique flow. When followers shop your stories and posts, they'll get a DM from your shop with a link to the checkout process. During checkout, CommentSold makes an account for them using the email provided.

If a shopper already has an account with your shop, they will get the opportunity to merge the two records. 

 Note: In order for a shopper to shop a post or story, you will need to include the SKU number in the post or story text. This allows CommentSold to kick off the checkout process.
Shop Stories Shop Posts

  1. To shop your shop's Instagram stories, a shopper can tap into the Send Message field at the bottom of the story.
  2. From there, they can type in SOLD and the variant they wish to purchase (e.g., size, color, etc.)
  3. Your shop will send the shopper a DM with a link to check out. The shopper simply needs to tap Pay Now.
  4. During the checkout process, the shopper will need to enter an email address.
    • If they have an existing account with your shop, they'll be prompted to merge the two records.
    • If the shopper signs in or attempts to register through another option using that email, they'll be prompted to merge the two records at that time.

Register via Your Mobile App

If you've launched a mobile app for your shop, then you can direct shoppers there to register to shop.

Shopper registration on an iOS device.

  1. Have your shoppers download your mobile app either in the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. On the main screen, they can tap Register.
  3. Depending on their device, they will follow a process in which they enter their account information, such as email.
  4. Once registered, they can access your app, previous live sales, products, and their account page.

Register via Your Webstore

Registering to shop a live sale via a shop's webstore is incredibly straightforward. Check out the registration flow from your shoppers' perspective below.

  1. On your shop's webstore, the shopper will need to select the Account icon located in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. The shopper will be prompted to create an account or continue with Facebook. We recommend shoppers choose Login with Facebook so they can shop live sales from your Facebook page .
  3. On the next screen, shoppers can enter their Facebook login credentials.
  4. A new window will open and ask the customer to confirm their contact details. Once done, they'll select Confirm.
  5. Last, on the left side of the account page, the customer will need to select the blue Get Started icon. This launches a popup where the shopper will need to select Continue as [Shopper Name] before connecting to Facebook Messenger.

Registration Resources For Your Shop

When it comes to getting the word out to customers on how they can register to shop your live sales, we've got you covered. Our CommentSold Social Community team has designed infographic templates on Canva that you can copy, brand, and share with your shoppers.

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