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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to create an automatic first purchase discount email that sends new shoppers a coupon code to use on their first purchase.
  • How to customize the message copy of your first purchase discount email.
  • How to send yourself (or a member of your team) a test email preview.

About First Purchase Discount Email Automations

A marketing automation is a targeted communication such as an email or text message that is automatically sent to a shopper based on specific criteria.

With a first purchase discount email, you can automatically send an email that includes a coupon code to shoppers that have registered with your shop in the last seven days but have yet to make a purchase.

How a First Purchase Discount Email Automation Benefits Your Shop

  • Automatically reach out to newly registered shoppers with an incentive to make their first purchase.
  • Continue to build rapport and trust with your customers.
  • Customize the message to reflect the voice and personality of your shop.

Enable Your First Purchase Discount Email Automation

  1. Select Setup in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard, then select Marketing Automation at the top of the page.
  2. Choose your Shopping Destination from the drop-down at the top of the page. This tells CommentSold where to link the shopper to in the email (i.e., the shopper's account page or your webstore).
    • Note: This setting affects all automations listed on this page. 
  3. Locate First Purchase Discount in the One-Time Campaigns section.
  4. Select the Inactive toggle to the far right of the automation.

Customize Your Email Message

The next step is to create your first purchase discount message. We strongly recommend you use this space to really show off your brand and tell your shoppers why shopping at your shop is something they'll enjoy.

  1. Write your message copy in the Customize Email field. You can also paste a message you've written in another program
    • Like emojis? Easily add them to your message by placing your cursor where you'd like the emoji to be, then right-clicking your mouse and selecting Emojis & Symbols.
      • Note: Not all emojis are supported in email automation. We recommend you send yourself a test email to ensure that your choice of emojis displays correctly.
    • If you don't have a right-click mouse, you can open your emoji keyboard on either a Mac or Windows device.
      • Mac: CTRL + ⌘ + Space bar
      • Windows: Windows Logo Key + Period (.)
  2. Select your Offer Type.
    • Percentage Discount. Offers a fixed percentage off of the first purchase order subtotal.
    • Free Shipping. Waives the cost of shipping on the first purchase order.
  3. If offering a percentage discount, enter the value in the Coupon Percentage field.
  4. If you wish to exclude certain collections from receiving the discount, select those collections from the Exclude Product Collections field. Select the field to view a drop-down of options.
  5. You can preview the email message by entering your email in the Send Yourself a Test Email field and selecting the Send Test button.
  6. If everything looks good, select Activate to enable your first purchase discount email automation.
  7. If you wish to make changes to an existing automation message, you can select Edit Campaign in the bottom-right corner of the automation's section.

Want to know how your first purchase discount email has performed? You can view the number of emails sent as well as the amount of revenue generated from first purchase discount offers in the lower-left corner of your activated automation's section. We calculate the conversion rate as the (# of emails sent(# of discounts redeemed) / 100.

What Your Shopper Experiences

Email automations are branded with your shop's logo and links. The message you added will appear as the body of the message. Check out the test email we sent ourselves from the above automation.

  Note: Once you've activated an automation, it may take up to 24 hours for emails to start sending.

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