Email auto-replies allow you to send automatic notifications to shoppers. Shoppers can trigger different email auto-replies based on a specific action they took in your shop (e.g., added an item to their cart, added an item to their waitlist, paid an order, etc.).

How Email Auto-Replies Benefit Your Shop

  • Create a positive shopper experience by sending shopping-related emails and reminders.
  • Personalize auto-replies to your shoppers using dynamic tags.
  • Customize your auto-replies to reflect the voice and personality of your brand.

Enable Email Auto-Replies

  1. Select Setup in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Templates from the menu at the top of the page, then select Email.
  3. Locate the auto-replies you wish to enable and select the toggle so it appears as Enabled.
  4. If customizing an auto-reply, enter your desired subject line and message, then select Update Template.
    • You can use dynamic variables, as listed at the top of the page, in any of your email auto-replies to personalize the message to the shopper.
  5. You can reset an auto-reply to its default subject line and message by selecting Reset Template in the bottom-right corner of the auto-reply section.
Expand to view a description of available Email auto-replies.
  • Add to Cart. When a shopper adds an item to their cart, this auto-reply confirms the item is in their cart and prompts the shopper to check out.
  • Added To Cart (First Paid First Served Mode). If your shop has First Paid, First Served enabled, when a shopper adds an item to their cart, this auto-reply reminds the shopper that items are not reserved until payment is received.
  • Awarded Account Credit. When a registered shopper earns account credit, this auto-reply notifies them of the new credit amount.
  • Expiry Reminder. If a shopper has items in their shopping cart that are approaching cart expiration, then this auto-reply reminds them to pay in time. 
  • Expiry Reminder (First Paid First Served Mode). If you enabled First Paid, First Served for your shop, then this auto-reply reminds shoppers that carted items are not reserved until your shop receives payment.
  • Instagram Welcome Email. When a customer registers to ship via Instagram, this auto-reply welcomes them and briefly walks them through the shopping process.
  • Invalid Instagram Comment. If a shopper does not properly format a SOLD comment (e.g., missing a variant) on Instagram, then this auto-reply prompts the shopper to repost their comment with the correct variant.
  • Issued Gift Card. When a shopper purchases a gift card for another, this auto-reply notifies the recipient and provides the gift card code, URL, and/or value.
  • Order Fulfilled Local Pickup. If a customer selected Local Pickup as their delivery method, then this auto-reply informs them when their order is ready for pickup.
  • Order Shipped. If a customer selected a traditional shipping method, then this auto-reply informs them when their order has shipped.
  • Order Paid. This auto-reply thanks a customer for their payment.
  • Refund to PayPal/Card. This auto-reply confirms that a refund has been issued to a customer's card or PayPal account.
  • Waitlist Activated. This auto-reply notifies shoppers when a waitlisted item is back in stock and informs them how to pay and when their cart expires.
  • Waitlist Email. If an item is sold out when a shopper attempts to purchase it, then this auto-reply notifies them that they've been added to the waitlist.

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