Messenger is an instant messaging Facebook feature that connects users to their friends, family, and favorite businesses.

Shoppers can choose to receive daily notifications from your shop by opting into Messenger notifications. Shoppers will receive messages for six (6) months, at which time they can choose to renew notifications for an additional six months. Shoppers can opt out of receiving notifications at any time.

How Messenger Notifications Benefit Your Shoppers

  • Instant notifications mean shoppers never miss a live sale. They can hop straight to the sale from the button included in the notification.
  • Shoppers can take advantage of special promotions if your shop chooses to send manual notification blasts.

Opt-In to Messenger Notifications

Shoppers can opt-in to receive Messenger notifications in two ways: messaging your store on Facebook or commenting "LIVE" on a linked product or live sale post.

Opt-In via Messenger Opt-In via Comments

Shoppers can message your shop from your Facebook page. Your Messenger flow will automatically offer an opt-in opportunity.

  1. Your shopper will need to select the Send Message button on the right side of your Facebook page.
  2. If the shopper has never messaged your shop before, they may need to select Get Started in the chat window to begin the conversation.
  3. Your chat should automatically send an opt-in opportunity. Your shopper will need to select Get daily reminders.
    • If a shopper already has a conversation going with your shop, they can enter "LIVE" or your opt-in keyword to trigger the opt-in button.

Opt-Out of Messenger Notifications

Shoppers can opt out of receiving Messenger notifications at any time. Opting out of notifications can only be done by the shopper as it must be done in Messenger.

  1. From the Messenger conversation window with your shop, the shopper will need to locate the small text between the message bubbles. It will likely say something to the effect of "You've chosen to receive messages: LIVE Reminders."
  2. The shopper will need to select Manage at the end of this message. From here, they have two options:
    • Stop Notifications. The shopper will stop receiving message notifications effective immediately. Facebook will also display a small confirmation of opt-out beneath the last message received from your shop.
    • Mute Conversations. The shopper will still see a message notification badge when your shop sends a new message, but will not receive a push notification or ping from Messenger. It's similar to putting the conversation on "silent mode."

  What if a shopper wants to opt back into Messenger notifications? The shopper can repeat any of the opt-in methods at the top of this article, or they can select Manage and then Resume Notifications.

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