Facebook private replies allow businesses to privately message shoppers who comment on a Facebook post. With auto-replies, shops can send specific messages based on the nature of the post (e.g., invalid "SOLD" comment, attempting to claim a waitlisted item, etc.).

How Automating Facebook Private Replies Benefits Your Shop

  • Create a positive shopper experience by immediately acknowledging a shopper's comment.
  • Communicate with shoppers shopping for a live sale or post with timely updates (e.g., new order created, invalid comment, etc.)

Enable Auto-Replies for Private Facebook Replies

  1. Select Setup in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Templates from the menu at the top of the page, then select Private Replies.
  3. Locate the auto-reply you wish to enable and select the toggle so it appears as Enabled.
  4. If customizing an auto-reply, enter your desired message and select Update Template.
  5. You can reset an auto-reply to its default message by selecting Reset Template in the bottom-right corner of the auto-reply section.
Expand to view a description of available Facebook Private Replies auto-replies.
  • New Order. When a registered shopper comments "SOLD" on an item, this auto-reply confirms their order and links to the customer's account page for the shopper to check out.
  • New Order (First Paid, First Served). If you enabled First Paid, First Served and a registered shopper comments "SOLD," this auto-reply confirms their order, links the shopper to their account page for checkout, and reminds the shopper that carted items are not reserved until your shop receives payment.
  • Invalid Comment. If a shopper does not correctly format a SOLD comment (e.g., missing a variant), then this message prompts the shopper to repost their comment with the correct variant.
  • Item Waitlisted. If an item is sold out when a shopper attempts to purchase it, this message notifies them that they've been added to the waitlist.

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