Want to create engaging short-form content that both entertains shoppers and drives conversions? Link your CommentSold products to your Instagram Reels!

With a CommentSold and Instagram connection, you can create shoppable Instagram Reels where all shoppers need to do is comment "SOLD" + their desired variants (e.g., size, color, etc) to cart the product. Your shop will send the shopper a direct message (DM) with a link to checkout.

All you need to get started is:

Create Your Instagram Reel

A shoppable Instagram Reel needs 4 things:

  • Your visual + audio content! Showcase that product in a fun, creative way—think unboxing in the warehouse or capturing different looks that highlight the product.
  • Variant options. Shoppers need to know what their options are! Let them know what colors, sizes, etc. they can choose from.
  • Instructions for shopping. Let shoppers know how to comment. Something simple like "Comment ‘SOLD’ and your size to cart this tee!" does the trick. This can go in the post description.
  • The product SKU. This is key if you're autolinking (more on that below). The SKU lets CommentSold read shopper SOLD comments and cart the correct product.

Link Your Reel to the Product

Linking makes your Reel shoppable, and you've got two options: autolinking and manually linking. We walk through both methods in the tabs below.

Autolink Your Reel Manually Link Your Reel
To autolink your Reel to CommentSold, ensure you’ve enabled the Autolink to Post toggle enabled on your Social Setup page.
  1. Create your Reel on Instagram.
  2. Make sure your Reel description has:
    • Instructions for how to cart ("Comment SOLD and your size to cart this tee!")
    • Available variants
    • The product SKU in the following format: #[ProductSKU]. For example, #skuJ1235 or #AD1234.
  3. Tap Share to publish your Reel.
  4. Verify that your Reel linked correctly by selecting Post in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard. It will appear on the Instagram Posts tab.

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