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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to access your shop's audit log.
  • Which actions CommentSold logs in your account.

About Shop Logs

Shop Logs document activity within your CommentSold account. This includes the occurrence of an action, the time the action occurred, which team took that action, and what was impacted (e.g., an order, a custom record, a setting, etc.). 

With Shop Logs, shops can audit changes in their system, troubleshoot issues, and review historical timelines of specific features (i.e., view changes made to a webstore that has led to its current state).

How Shop Logs Benefit Your Shop

  • Audit actions taken within your system, identifying which team members took action and when.
  • Track when customers make changes to their contact and shipping information.
  • Research fulfillment history for an order, such as the date of fulfillment and team member responsible.

Access and Filter Shop Log Entries

  1. Select Shop Logs in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Choose your filter options, if any, from those listed at the top of the page:
    • All Log Types. Filter logs to only show activity related to a specific feature in CommentSold (e.g., coupons, payments, settings, etc.). Choose a feature from the drop-down list.
    • Search by Message. Filter logs by keywords. Your search will consider all contents of a log entry. For example, search HAPPYHOUR to view all logs pertaining to the coupon code HAPPYHOUR.
    • All Users. Filter logs to only show actions performed by a specific team member. Choose that team member from the drop-down list.
    • Sort By. Reorder activity based on the date. New displays the most recent activity first whereas Old displays the oldest activity first.
  3. Once you apply one or more filters, you can review the activity logs listed in the table. CommentSold orders activity using the below column headers:
    • User. The user who performed the action.
    • Type. The feature to which the action is tied.
    • Message. A summary of the action taken. Learn more about message contents in the sections below.
    • Link. Where applicable, CommentSold will provide a link to view more information on the change. For example, changes to a customer's shipping address will include a link to the customer record.
    • Date. Each log will be time-stamped with the date and time the action was performed. Time displays as the shop's local time which you can define on the Shop tab of your Setup page.

View Log Types

Each option listed in the All Log Types drop-down will populate different types of information in the Shop Log table. Select a drop-down below to view more information about the different options available to you.

  Note: Not every shop will see all log types listed below. Log types only show if there is action associated with them. For example, if your shop does not have a mobile app, you would not see Mobile App listed in your All Log Types drop-down. 
Log Type Description Example Use Case
Adverts Lists actions taken on promotional blocks, such as when they were added or updated on your webstore. Identify which team member updated a promotional block image and/or link.
Banners Lists actions taken on announcement banners, such as when they were added or updated on your webstore. Identify which team member deleted your shop's announcement banner and when.
Coupons Lists actions taken on a coupon, such as creation, updates, and deletion.  Identify which team member created a specific coupon code.
Customers Lists actions taken on a customer record, such as updates to contact information and credits awarded. Pinpoint whether a shopper made changes to their shipping address before or after a disputed order.
Facebook Lists actions taken to re-connect your Facebook account to CommentSold. Identify when you last connected your Facebook account to CommentSold.
Messenger Lists actions taken via Messenger, such as sent custom Messenger blasts. Identify which team member sent out a notification blast on a specific day.
Mobile Lists actions taken on your mobile app, such as adding/removing a banner or changes to mobile app settings. Identify when changes were last made to your mobile app settings.
Navigation Lists actions taken on your webstore's navigation menu Identify which team member added a new navigation destination (e.g., a collection) to your webstore navigation.
Orders Lists actions taken on orders in your system such as manual fulfillment, changes to order status, and processing. Identify which team member bulk-fulfilled orders and when.
Payments Lists actions taken on your payment gateways, such as new gateways added and changes to banking information. Identify when changes were made to your banking information.
Products Lists actions taken on products in your system such as new products added and updates to existing products. Identify when a team member removed a specific product from your system.
Reports Lists actions taken on reports in your system, such as reports run and/or exported. Identify the last time a team member exported a CS Payments CSV.
Sales Lists actions taken with live sales, such as starting and ending a sale. Identify when a specific live sale started and ended.
Settings Lists actions taken on product settings, such as changes to SKU and publication. Identify when a team member published a product to your webstore.
Team Lists actions taken on a team member account, such as creation and changes to permissions. Identify which team member made recent changes to other accounts' permissions.
Toggle Lists actions taken on settings in your system, such as the enabling and disabling of specific features or settings. Identify which team member enabled or disabled waitlist authorization (or another setting).
User Lists actions taken on customer records, such as combining duplicate accounts and blocking customers. Identify which team member blocked a specific customer.

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