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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How shoppers can log into their webstore account page.
  • The settings and features included on a shopper's webstore account page.
  • How shoppers can check out on their webstore account page.
  • How shoppers can browse products and add them to their shopping cart from their webstore account page.

About a Shopper's Account Page

A shopper's webstore account page is where a shopper can go to manage their account details and complete their checkout process.

When a shopper adds a product to their cart from a live sale and/or by commenting SOLD on a live sale post, featured product post, and/or Instagram story, they will be linked to their webstore account page to check out.

If you offer special promotions, such as a free shipping window or timed free shipping, a banner will appear at the top of the shopper's account page letting them know how much time they have to take advantage of that offer.

How a Shopper's Account Page Benefits Your Business

  • Shoppers can easily view, manage, and preauthorize their waitlist products.
  • Adding your product list to a shopper's account page can promote impulse or last-minute purchases.
  • Give shoppers transparency into their account credit and referral reward balances.

Log in to Shopper's Webstore Account Page

Shoppers who navigate to your webstore URL (e.g., or your custom domain (e.g., can access their account page by selecting the User icon in the top-right corner of the page.

If the shopper previously logged into their account page, the browser may remember this session and log the shopper in immediately. If not, the shopper will be prompted to log in. They can do so using Facebook or a custom login they created (i.e., log in using their email and custom password).

If a shopper hasn't registered with your shop, they can do so by selecting Continue with Facebook or selecting Sign Up beneath the login fields. Learn more about shopper registration via your webstore here.

View Account Details

In the Account section, shoppers can manage their account details such as their contact information, as well as access some account features such as account credit and notifications.

Expand to view a description of Account items
  • Account Credit. Displays the shopper's account credit level. Shoppers can earn credit through your loyalty program or manual additions. Shoppers can also convert a gift card to account credit.
  • View Orders. Takes shoppers to their order history. Each order summarizes products purchased, subtotals, discounts, and shipping.
  • Redeem Gift Card. Allows shoppers to enter their gift card code and convert that balance to account credit.
  • Connect Messenger. Directs shoppers to Facebook Messenger where they can opt-in to receive messages and notifications from your business.
  • Return Policy. Displays your business's return policy in a pop-up window.
  • Logout. Logs a shopper out of their account page.
  • Get Live Sale Reminders. Directs shoppers to Facebook Messenger where they can opt-in to receive live sale notifications from your business.
  • Email. Shoppers can select Edit to change their email and opt into or opt-out of marketing emails from your business.
  • Phone Number. Shoppers can select Edit to enter or change their phone numbers.
  • Shipping Address. Shoppers can select Edit to enter or change their shipping address. CommentSold logs changes in your Shop Log.
  • Comment Charge. Shoppers can elect to enable Comment Charge to automatically process comment claims (i.e., when they comment SOLD 103 small black or similar during a live sale or on a linked social post). You must enable Comment Charge for shoppers to have this option.

View Cart and Waitlist

In the Checkout section, shoppers can select their shipping method and payment method, and review their shopping cart. If shoppers have a discount or coupon code, they'll enter this code on the right side of the page.

This section is also where shoppers can view and re-add previously expired products, and view products on their waiting list. If you offer waitlist preauthorization, then shoppers will be given the option to preauthorize the immediate purchase of a product once you have restocked it.

View Product List

In the Shop section, shoppers can browse active products you have for sale. Shoppers can select Add to Cart to select their preferred variant. If the product is out of stock, the shopper can select Add to Waitlist. If the product is in stock, the shopper can continue with adding the product to their cart.

For this product list to appear on a shopper's account page, you will need to enable the Product List setting on the right side of the Shop tab on your Settings page.

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